Creepypasta x IED! Badass! Female! Reader  by YukinetheNekoNinja
Creepypasta x IED! Badass! Female... by YukinetheNekoNinja Fanfiction
Hello, readers! Today I'm starting on my first actual book! I'm so excited to start this book so, let's get into the story shall we? Note- I DO NOT OWN, CREEPYPASTA OR...
Creepypasta Horoscopes 2 by keixel_0013
Creepypasta Horoscopes 2 by keixel_0013 Random
My second book of the horoscopes and creepypasta. First book is: creepypasta zodiac scenerios/headcannon and songs check it out! This book is similar, get a chance to...
Creepypasta Family 2 by VinierLeek
Creepypasta Family 2 by Na Pewno nie Autor Tych Opowi... Random
Martyna Od jakiegoś czasu seryjna morderczyni Została przygarnięta przez organizację, która składała się z psychopatów, takich jak ona Niestety po kilku miesiącach...
Offenderman x reader - The real you by nerdygingerteen
Offenderman x reader - The real you by nerdygingerteen Fanfiction
Beauty and the Beast, that's what they could say, But as soon as he met you, his heart changed that day, And before his heart was broken in two, But he began to feel it...
The fight for her            (Creepypastas x Reader) by kyepaw12
The fight for her (Cree... by Dark_Dreams_Kill Random
Creepypasta x reader This is my first story, so sorry if its not so great Y/n was a regular girl at least that's what it seemed. Her mom was a whore who brought guys ho...
Sexual Offenderman x Reader Lemon by JeVivrai
Sexual Offenderman x Reader Lemon by Cha Senpai Random
Yes? Lemons you say? Slender Lemons? Well then, here it is! The book you have been looking for! Unless you saw this randomly. (Warning: Lemons means it's a book wit...
Forever With the Slender Brothers by MariaSoenksen16
Forever With the Slender Brothers by Maria Shaneice Soenksen Fanfiction
Krystal has been captured by Slenderman. Instead of killing her, Slender decided to make her a Prisnaor. Now in a cabin that was bigger then it seemed, Krystal lives wit...
Creepypasta Crack! by _ninja_Kris_
Creepypasta Crack! by _ninja_Kris_ Random
Funny moments and such at the Slender mansion.
Smexy x Male reader One night stand by Nanamisan666
Smexy x Male reader One night stand by Nanamisan666 Fanfiction
(y/n) is underage and lives in a really religious family. He's mother hates gays and atheists. For years (y/n) hid the truth about his belief and what gender he was attr...
Creepypasta headcannons  by Wafflesisbored
Creepypasta headcannons by Wafflesisbored Fanfiction
Hi! Waffles here so I've seen a lot of these and I have LOVED all of them so I though I would give it a shot! You can request that I do certain people or heck even tell...
Slenderman: The Man Who Saved Me (A Slenderman's Daughter FanFic) by KibaRaines
Slenderman: The Man Who Saved Me (... by Kiba Raines Fanfiction
Kiba is only a six year old little girl that lives near the woods. She always travels with her stuffed black wolf she named Night everywhere. Slenderman always watched h...
The Demon Child (CreepyPasta X Reader) by BriannaLeedy
The Demon Child (CreepyPasta X Rea... by Slendergirl Fanfiction
A 15 year old girl is attacked by an unknown figure only to be saved by something similar. Ever since that day she's had what you might call "demonic powers."...
The Color Red (Offenderman X Reader) by GeekFreak_247
The Color Red (Offenderman X Reade... by Taniyah Daigle Fanfiction
~"Roses are red, But some are blue, If you choose the One you love, I may be loving you"~ An Offenderman X Reader
Ask me and the creepypastas by Wild-Mind
Ask me and the creepypastas by •{|[ßrøøkë]|}• Humor
Just ask us random shit or dare us stuff I don't give fuck XD
Slenderman / His Brothers Sister Scenarios by BrownENH
Slenderman / His Brothers Sister S... by Emily Skelewolf Fanfiction
You are known by many names. DancerGirl MusicFreak 'Dance till the World Ends' and... (y/n). Aaaand... You are the younger sister of Slenderman, Splendorman, Trenderman...
Candles and Roses (Sexual Offenderman x Reader) LEMON by GreySnowflake11
Candles and Roses (Sexual Offender... by ♐ Julia ♐ Fanfiction
WARNING! The fanfiction you are about to read includes a lemon. A lemon is a fanfiction in which includes sexual content such as intercourse. If you are under the age of...
Creepypasta Headcanons by cybernetic_entity_13
Creepypasta Headcanons by ... Random
These are just some Creepypasta headcanons I came up with. They include Slenderman, Splendorman, Trenderman, Offenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Jeff the Killer, BEN...
Camp Creepypasta by caseyjiscool
Camp Creepypasta by Waffles4life$$$ Fanfiction
My mom decided it was time for me to start doing summer camps...yay. But this camp is weird this one is different
Offenderman lemon!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ by XxPidermanxX
Offenderman lemon!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ by 友思☆愛子 Fanfiction
(Y/N) means your name (S/C) is skin color (E/C) is eye color (B/F) best friends name (F/G) friends gender Don't own any of the pictures just the story!! Hope you enjoy!
My sweet rose (Offenderman x reader lemon) by Misuka101