I love cats (Chat Noir x reader) by parosity
I love cats (Chat Noir x reader)by 《Panda》
You love cats, I love cats and we love Chat Noir... So YEA! You were raised by Hawk Moth, making you believe he was the good guy and Ladybug and Chat Noir are the bad gu...
  • adrianxreader
  • ladybug
  • xreader
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Betrayed By He. (Miraculous fanfic) by VampireNinjaGirl
Betrayed By He. (Miraculous fanfic)by 𝓕𝓛𝓞𝓦𝓔𝓡 𝓟𝓞𝓟
Finally, Hawk Moth is defeated, and the City of Paris is at ease once again. However, Paris does wonder what there superheroes plan to do now. No villains means no rescu...
  • love
  • heroes
  • cat
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Icarus by bidiyakdamian
Icarusby Bidiya K Damian
"Goodbye, Cara." And then he surprised me with a kiss on my forehead, pressing his lips to my hair, breathing in. I could feel him shaking vehemently, as thou...
  • hole
  • turqouise
  • icarus
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The Sketch Rift: The Seal of Demons by KiwiBeak2004
The Sketch Rift: The Seal of Demonsby The Kyueb Reacsoa
{Book Three in the Sketch Rift Trilogy} When the Eternal Crusade disbanded without the leadership of the notorious former Sulukridger Ivel, Hendera grew increasingly...
  • 9101
  • ambassador
  • count
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Althea by StarfishBooks
Altheaby Renee Huizinga
UNDER MAJOR EDITING. Updated chapters, new chapters, new description, new title, everything to follow! #897 in Fantasy - March 15/17 Major creds to the amazing @-avera...
  • quest
  • femalelead
  • sassy
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Darker Times by jupiter_boy
Darker Timesby 📚Theo📚
Paris has been plagued. Hawk Moth began with akuma's that were never lethally dangerous. Nobody died, or was majorly injured. Manageable. It took a while, but it because...
  • akuma
  • dupain-cheng
  • paris
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Pines and Alistair: the Jewel of Bastet by gnxcub
Pines and Alistair: the Jewel of Enna
"The day George found out was a blur for Jefferson. All he remembered was that by the end of the day, his mother and her belongings were out of the house, and he an...
  • mob
  • fiction
  • science
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Fifty Shades of Mothman by _Nova_Comics_
Fifty Shades of Mothmanby Nova
A Mothman x male reader story. (smut) After years of searching for the famous Mothman. You finally find him, only he's much more than you expected. (Still in progress)
  • cryptozoology
  • love
  • romance
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The Crimson Blade Swathed in Blood by LadyAnime
The Crimson Blade Swathed in Bloodby Tsu
Gintoki Sakata, is just a ghost of the past. Just a memory in everyone's eyes. Being a samurai, in a land where swords are banned. Aliens rule the nights, and most of hi...
  • benizakura
  • tetsuyo
  • shinpachi
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A "Splintered" fanfiction: Alyssa wakes Morpheus by villians_first_love
A "Splintered" fanfiction: Nessy
  • mirror
  • unhinged
  • moth
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The Moth Fic (A Phanfiction) by nicisnotcool
The Moth Fic (A Phanfiction)by Nic
What happens when Dan sees a moth on his computer monitor?
  • danhowell
  • phil
  • danhowellandphillester
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A TALL MOTH (social repose X reader)(FINSHED) by Btwvisionsquad
A TALL MOTH (social repose X 💜møllz💜
you were scrolling through your comments when you realized that there was a comment with loads of was posted by social repose...he wanted to do a collab with...
  • moth
  • social
  • át
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moth by RootBitch
mothby Erinnnn
i open my closet and i fly out with the skeletons
  • collection
  • moth
The Secret Life of Hawkmoth by Pandours
The Secret Life of Hawkmothby 🐼Winter Lin🐼
Have you ever wondered what the famous villain of Paris is up to? Go on and explore his butterfly filled world and ask questions, comments and dares to our fabulous moth!
  • fabulous
  • akumatized
  • hawkdaddy
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5 Second Fanfic About Dan And A Moth [Completed] by Phandoms_Rule
5 Second Fanfic About Dan And A idkhbtfm
It's a five second fanfic about Daniel Howell and a moth. Just like the title says. Stolen from PINOF 8.
  • danisnotonfire
  • moth
  • pinof8
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Deep End by SaydieH
Deep Endby Poetic Mess
I hope you can swim, because otherwise you will drown in this deep end of my mind. ©SaydieH October 2015 - Ongoing
  • emotionalpoetry
  • amateur
  • thepoetryclub
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Alya Dies AU  by mirakaytheanime
Alya Dies AU by mirakaytheanime
What if one day, Marinette lost Alya to the akuma she was fighting. Lately Hawk Moth's akumatized victims are getting stronger and much more deadly, and some civilians h...
  • deathofalya
  • mlau
  • hawk
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Things Happen For A Reason by Imagine0139
Things Happen For A Reasonby Lara
FANFICTION As if Sabrina Grimm's life couldn't get anymore complicaed. A mysterious girl moves to Ferryport Landing. Puck seems to have ‘connections’ with her. Who is sh...
  • humor
  • outburst
  • new
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The Sketch Rift: The Eternal Crusade by KiwiBeak2004
The Sketch Rift: The Eternal The Kyueb Reacsoa
{Book Two in the Sketch Rift Trilogy} Samuel Lawrence, or Soal, is revolted by the mere premise of returning to the bleak metropolis of Hendera. But these hopes ar...
  • symbolism
  • paradox
  • replacement
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