Psycho for You // H2O Delirious x Reader by Littlee_Onee
Psycho for You // H2O Delirious x... by Littlee_Onee Fanfiction
After so many hardships, you finally snapped. Your whole life changed for the better and for the worst. You thought you would never be loved again or cared about until y...
Editing For Him | Mini Ladd X Reader by Evie__Frye
Editing For Him | Mini Ladd X Read... by Evie__Frye Fanfiction
Reader x Mini After getting a job editing videos for your favourite YouTuber you start to get close with your new boss
VanossGamingCrew X Reader by TravelTiger
VanossGamingCrew X Reader by Jordån Fanfiction
Vanoss and the people that play with him are cute and deserve attention
group chat [banana bus squad] by criousgaymers
group chat [banana bus squad] by max, the gaylord Fanfiction
''if you wanna get with me, you gotta get through my friends first.'' [based off my other story, 'skype [zeroyalchaos]'] | [c] @criousgaymers | all rights reserved |
Miniladd x readers (oneshots) by miniladd_fan
Miniladd x readers (oneshots) by Jasmine Fanfiction
One shots of Miniladd x readers and they are kinda depressing so don't be surprised when you cry. I take requests too. NO SMUT -=TRIGGER WARNING=- Contains a lot of hom...
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by kfisher357
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by kfisher357 Fanfiction
You're a junior in high school, your kind of shy and really don't have any friends which makes you become an easy target for a group of bullies. You do know self-defense...
MiniCat/WildLadd Moments! by SunshiLoxie67
MiniCat/WildLadd Moments! by SunshiLoxie67 Random
So this is just a book where I share some of the videos I find with Tyler(Wildcat) and Craig(MiniLadd) being cute together I'm literally obsessed with this ship like wh...
Deal Or No Deal (Vanoss X Reader) [COMPLETE] by Creepy_Bunny1999
Deal Or No Deal (Vanoss X Reader)... by CreepyBunny1999 Fanfiction
You are a girl, not just any girl, a bad girl. You are 17 in high school, you had it all, you had a gang, kids fear you, even the teachers didn't want to mess with you...
Rewind (Mini Ladd x Reader) by Smilez1217
Rewind (Mini Ladd x Reader) by #TRASHBUDDIES Fanfiction
A story about Craig meeting this wonderful girl, and how they become friends and then much more... *DISCLAIMER* THIS BOOK MAY HAVE SELF HARM! Also, this whole book is t...
Soft paws by COTwild
Soft paws by COTwild Fanfiction
Craig was trash. At least he thought he was. Never fitting in, weather with people or other cats he was hated. He was born this way. Very few are. He was born with cat e...
Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) by ChaolypticCrticism
Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) by Chaos Fanfiction
Introducing Text Mate! The first app that allows you to anonymously chat with people in your area! Just answer a few simple questions and let the app do the rest! Chat i...
Subject 666 by MuteFictions
Subject 666 by Βουβός Action
Luke signed up for something, not knowing what was ahead of him. Apparently, he wasn't the only one that volunteered to do so. They said it was just a test. They said no...
Gay Group Chat (Multiple BBS Ships) by VixenDelirium
Gay Group Chat (Multiple BBS Ships) by Bo Fanfiction
WARNING: There will be a lot of gay, typos, and gay typos. You have been warned✨✨
The Bad Boy Effect (H2OVanoss) by ChaolypticCrticism
The Bad Boy Effect (H2OVanoss) by Chaos Fanfiction
Evan, the known 'bad boy' of Vakill High, him and his small group of friends- Craig, Tyler, Brian, Brock, and David. But he's not your typical bad boy, no. He's somethin...
His Laugh | BigJigglyPanda X Reader by TheCryingCloud
His Laugh | BigJigglyPanda X Reader by Cloudy Fanfiction
×Love comes in all shapes and forms... Even laughs.× (Y/n) (L/n), a nineteen year old YouTuber, has never done a face reveal, she's never even shown her closest friends...
group chat // bbs by zrcwizardofoz
group chat // bbs by zrcwizardofoz Fanfiction
in which some dorks make a group chat and chaos ensues. (banana bus squad - multiple ships)
H2O's Little Miracle by Dragongirl2012
H2O's Little Miracle by Dragon Fanfiction
H2O Delirious a mysterious man who plays video games with his group of friends. Who spreads smiles to all of us and makes us laugh hysterically with his psychotic laught...
Buttercup || Krii7Y by akrasiaaa
Buttercup || Krii7Y by kri Fanfiction
lukas is tired, afraid, and unprepared. he's spontaneous and insecure and wants to smile but doesn't want to fake it. john is afraid that there'll be no light- that he'l...
ONLINE ; BBS by -laufeyson-
ONLINE ; BBS by -laufeyson- Fanfiction
Where two groups of friends come together Started; August 9 , 2017 Ended; -
Ex-Heroes by SepticeyeLadd
Ex-Heroes by Hope :D Fanfiction
Who would've know that Call of Duty Zombies, YouTubers, and reality, don't mix well together. I figured this out as soon as the apocalypse hit. My names (Y/N). I'm a 21...