Banana Bus Squad C R A C K by SomeGayOwl
Banana Bus Squad C R A C K by Gay Person Random
This is a book filled with crack and other things of the BBS (Banana Bus Squad) Requests are open 24/7!
Trust. // Vanoss x Reader by Littlee_Onee
Trust. // Vanoss x Reader by Littlee_Onee Fanfiction
Working as a nurse can be stressful. All (Y/n) wanted to do was go home and sleep but one day strange things are happening around your apartment. Next thing (Y/n) knew...
BBS X Reader One Shots by BBS_Trash
BBS X Reader One Shots by Zero Fanfiction
It's exactly what you think it is. Updates on my free time Requests open: no smut
MiniCat/WildLadd Moments! by SunshiLoxie67
MiniCat/WildLadd Moments! by SunshiLoxie67 Random
So this is just a book where I share some of the videos I find with Tyler(Wildcat) and Craig(MiniLadd) being cute together I'm literally obsessed with this ship like wh...
Vanoss And Crew #Wattys2017 by Unknown_Potato25
Vanoss And Crew #Wattys2017 by BigJigglyPotato Fanfiction
One shots of your favorite youtubers! The vanoss crew! Requests are always welcome, just private message me! (/T_T)/ (•-•)/ (-_-) - I - I / \ ...
Random minicat shit {Moments} by Mini_cat625
Random minicat shit {Moments} by Minicat625 Random
Prepare your ass cheeks as we go on a journy... A minicat jou- actually this is just a book of minicat moments. Enjoy! 💛
Running From Heaven (H2OVanoss) by ChaolypticCrticism
Running From Heaven (H2OVanoss) by Chaos Fanfiction
Sequel to Protection From Hell ----- "In every Angel, a Demon hides..... And in every Demon, an angel strides." The worst choices are always the ones you don't...
Mini Ladd One Shots by WhiteWolf1212
Mini Ladd One Shots by WhiteWolf Fanfiction
One Shots (One chapter Stories) about Mini Ladd! I write stories about GTA, special events (like birthday's, holiday's, etc.), and fluff. I DO NOT do smut, so please do...
Vanoss Crew One Shots! [SLOW UPDATES] by AlliyahARC
Vanoss Crew One Shots! [SLOW UPDAT... by LilLadybug Random
Just a bunch of one shots cause apparently I can't keep a long story going... I will be taking requests, you just gotta keep er comin! I do have a schedule because of sc...
vanoss crew one shot! banana bus! by NobodyCaresButYou
vanoss crew one shot! banana bus! by NobodyCaresButYou Fanfiction
(::) just some one shots from the vanoss crew/ banana bus crew! I accept requests!
More Than Anything (MINICAT) #Wattpad2017 by DennisVerschoor
More Than Anything (MINICAT) #Watt... by BasicallyButter Fanfiction
MiniLadd (aka Craig) Is a YouTuber who does YouTube for a living. Well, PAX EAST is coming up and Mini is looking forward to going this year because if you don't know al...
Mini Ladd x Reader by ChloeLaddd127
Mini Ladd x Reader by Chloe Fanfiction
NO MORE SPOILERS!! But I have plans... Muahahaha!!!!
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by kfisher357
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by kfisher357 Fanfiction
You're a sophomore in high school, your kind of shy and really don't have any friends which makes you become an easy target for a group of bullies. You do know self-defe...
Psycho for You // H2O Delirious x Reader by Littlee_Onee
Psycho for You // H2O Delirious x... by Littlee_Onee Fanfiction
After so many hardships, you finally snapped. Your whole life changed for the better and for the worst. You thought you would never be loved again or cared about until y...
His Laugh | BigJigglyPanda X Reader by TheCryingCloud
His Laugh | BigJigglyPanda X Reader by Cloudy Fanfiction
×Love comes in all shapes and forms... Even laughs.× (Y/n) (L/n), a nineteen year old YouTuber, has never done a face reveal, she's never even shown her closest friends...
No Happiness | BBS by LunaLuvsWriting
No Happiness | BBS by ⚜️Lunatic⚜️ Fanfiction
Sequel to"No Fun | BBS". Death is just a word for someone who passes away. The person isn't truly dead, they're still there. People can die but come back...
Football (H2OVanoss) by BigFoodStyle
Football (H2OVanoss) by Liyaaaaaah Fanfiction
In Football there are four downs before the defense becomes the offense. Evan finally gets Jonathan to date him after a year of admiring from the shadows. Stacy, Jonatha...
No Fun | BBS by LunaLuvsWriting
No Fun | BBS by ⚜️Lunatic⚜️ Fanfiction
This story is inspired by another story I have read and is based off of your character going to school with the vanossgaming crew. But what's bad about that is that the...
Be My Bad Boy (H20Vanoss by BigFoodStyle
Be My Bad Boy (H20Vanoss by Liyaaaaaah Romance
Vanoss is a good boy. Delirious is a bad boy. What will happen when the two meet?
Beats and beauties [#Wattys2017] by extraordanime
Beats and beauties [#Wattys2017] by Emily Ω Fanfiction
' I never wanted to kill some smurf looking twat more in my LIFE! ' Craig Thompson is a not so normal teen, beginning his second to last year of high school with crap pa...