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Banana Bus Squad One Shots by SnowandMusicLover
Banana Bus Squad One Shotsby s n o w
❝serendipity; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.❞ ✗ Currently under very slow editing + revamping | began on August...
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Every Cute [Sexual] Ohmtoonz Moments [] FIRST EVER by TheOneAndUnily
Every Cute [Sexual] Ohmtoonz Momen...by ❤ Uni ❤
I HERE BY DECLARE THAT THIS IS THE FIRST EVERY CUTE MOMENTS ABOUT CARTOONZ AND OHMWRECKER. There was like, no Ohmtoonz books and I was pretty salty so yea, here you go...
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The Faith And The Omega {Completed} by LunaCray
The Faith And The Omega {Completed}by LunaCray
Ryan is known for the kindness and encouragement through his pack as an Alpha. Annetta is constantly verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend who is NOT her mate...
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Heroes Like No Other|| Vanosscrew/ BNHA AU by angels_with_scars
Heroes Like No Other|| Vanosscrew...by Ev
In a world where 80% of the population have super powers called 'quirks'. Most people choose the life of heroes while other who fall to the dark side are deemed villains...
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Instincts  {Ohmtoonz} by Anime-Chick521
Instincts {Ohmtoonz}by Anime-Chick521
Sometimes being an omega has its perks. Sometimes it has its drawbacks. But for someone like Ryan, a simple month in North Carolina can cause hell. Credit to YAndie106 o...
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Ohmtoonz Royals  by BurritoSilver
Ohmtoonz Royals by Burrito
:P Ryan the prince of the dragon kingdom, Evan the prince of the Owl kingdom, Luke the prince of the underworld and Jon prince of the Sea. This is a little AU kinda thin...
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Cliche Love // OhmToonz by Fan_O_Hour
Cliche Love // OhmToonzby ▪️Owl ▪️
Like any cliche high school book there's a nobody nerd, this time know as Ryan, and there's a football player this time known as Luke. Will they both find love? Will th...
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BBS/GBG ONE SHOTS by Sweediplier
BBS/GBG ONE SHOTSby sweediplier
well I Mean, I'm sure you already know how this goes. might be smut, might not, might be ships but also possibly x reader?????? [ ] - Means non-smut ( ) - Means smut { }...
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BBS Squad Arts by jhanyaiartist
BBS Squad Artsby jhanyaiartist
Just some drawings done by me :)
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Random BBS Comics I have :v by jhanyaiartist
Random BBS Comics I have :vby jhanyaiartist
Short comics I have made that doesn't have any cliffhangers :T
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Great Ability by BassicallyCrazyTeddy
Great Abilityby StupidTeddy
"we made a deal..you said you would protect me." "i didn't say forever.." "then...why did we even made that contract?"
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One-Shots (BBS) [DISCONTINUED] by BattleValkyrie
One-Shots (BBS) [DISCONTINUED]by Anna
Literally random one-shots
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Incorrect BBS and friends  by RakkiiTheZoroark
Incorrect BBS and friends by ッ
dunno , i mostly just edited qoutes i found on tumblr. I dont really have a update sceudle for this book to be honest . This book also includes shipping. ^^ EDIT1: THAN...
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bbs smut x readers  by iconic_lovers
bbs smut x readers by Dylynn
can't really explain it, leave a request if you want ☺️
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SMUT & FLUFF by Zucckles
SMUT & FLUFFby Retarded Kid
Very gay smutty oneshots. Requests open. Enjoy. Also all the art is made by me.
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Trust Issues || H2O Delirious x Reader by DaughterDeHell
Trust Issues || H2O Delirious x Re...by Yurrrrr
Los Santos. City of thieves. City of Gangs. There is a constant battle to be, Number One. Every gang wants it, and the Vanoss Crew has managed to obtain that spot. T...
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Vanoss Crew/BBS X reader  by EpsilonPsi
Vanoss Crew/BBS X reader by EpsilonPsi
{IN EDITING} (Y/n) (L/n), born in Los Santos, raised by the streets. When drugs and murder become her new way of life, she embraces it with open arms. But when she meets...
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Vanoss crew One Shots (OPEN) by Fan_O_Hour
Vanoss crew One Shots (OPEN)by ▪️Owl ▪️
Banana Bus Squad One shots Vanoss Crew plus others I'll take requests but I mainly just write my own ideas now
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Easy | Banana Bus Crew X Reader by xHUZSx
Easy | Banana Bus Crew X Readerby yeet
Y/n is a lone wolf; a girl on her own, doing what is needed to survive. The Banana Bus Crew is a gang; a family of criminals doing what is needed to stay on top. Los San...
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Psychopathic Delirious by Bunno_for_life_uwu
Psychopathic Deliriousby Mimi the Bunno
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