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Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [DISCONTINUED?] by moshiixoxo
Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [DIS...by the one and only
What happens when (Y/N) (L/N) and the 'Vanoss Crew' get in a fight at school? What are the outcomes of it? You wouldn't think it would be being handcuffed together, rig...
bbs smut x readers  by iconic_lovers
bbs smut x readers by Dylynn
can't really explain it, leave a request if you want ☺️
The Lonely Man (ohmwrecker x reader) by bigjigglyfan
The Lonely Man (ohmwrecker x reade...by
you have been friends with Evan since you were kids. he showed you what youtube was and he also introduced you to his friends. you thought you were all just friends but...
Daithi De Nogla x Reader *youtube* by IrishStunnaMe
Daithi De Nogla x Reader *youtube*by cherry spatula
This is a boy x boy reader fan fiction, between Y/N and Nogla. You move to Ireland to get away from your life in Cali. As you're recording a video someone knocks on your...
Banana Bus Squad! (One Shots x-reader) by SepticeyeJade
Banana Bus Squad! (One Shots x-rea...by Flaming JadeStar
Welcome to my first one shot book. I've read a lot of one shots and I decided it was my time to write one. If you guys didn't know already, I like the banana bus squad. ...
Discontinued | 𝙄𝙉𝙁𝙄𝙉𝙄𝙏𝙀 | Bbs by chamberof_eros
Discontinued | 𝙄𝙉𝙁𝙄𝙉𝙄𝙏𝙀 |...by eros
Discontinued, no longer updating. Read account description for more info. So sorry I tried to fix this but the embarrassment got to me 💀 BBS Crew x Dom!male!reader Disc...
The Faith And The Omega {Completed} by LunaCray
The Faith And The Omega {Completed}by LunaCray
Ryan is known for the kindness and encouragement through his pack as an Alpha. Annetta is constantly verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend who is NOT her mate...
Vanoss Crew/BBS X reader  by EpsilonPsi
Vanoss Crew/BBS X reader by EpsilonPsi
{IN EDITING} (Y/n) (L/n), born in Los Santos, raised by the streets. When drugs and murder become her new way of life, she embraces it with open arms. But when she meets...
And I'll Love You (Youtubers X Reader) by loud_dorkk
And I'll Love You (Youtubers X Rea...by Alistair
YouTuber's oneshots! That's what I write, and I also do requests! (If you do, look at all the people I've done bc those are the people I'm cool with doing!) Random upda...
BBS Smut Book  by malk_boi_7
BBS Smut Book by malk_boi_7
I'm just gonna change this a little. This is the biggest book I've ever wrote and I'm so proud of my accomplishments. Thank you all for reading! Requests are open! Enjoy...
~Headache~Krii7y by WhyDoYallLoveMe
~Headache~Krii7yby 𝙲𝚊𝚠!!
[Discontinued, May Rewrite!] Second Story Ever. I'm The Worst Sorry. Some Angst. Some Smut, Maybe.
I'll always protect you no matter what (Vanossgaming x the pregnant reader) by rosetta12344321
I'll always protect you no matter...by rosetta12344321
You are eight months pregnant with triplets but you live with an abusive boyfriend who wants your unborn children dead!! So you had no choice but to run away from him an...
What Are You? - Ohmtoonz Fanfiction by AnotherRainbowSky
What Are You? - Ohmtoonz Fanfictionby AnotherRainbowSky
Amazing cover art done by @Blue_Bookworm735 No one stands up for Ohm. Who would? He's an outcast. Well that was...until someone...or something came along Ships are Ohmt...
Unlikely Roommate {OhmToonz} by Fan_O_Hour
Unlikely Roommate {OhmToonz}by ▪️Brick ▪️
Ryan says goodbye to his family when he's off to move into his new home. But after a few days of moving in Ryan gets the feeling of being watched, maybe cheap houses are...
Heavens Child (Bbs x reader) by Illo_wat
Heavens Child (Bbs x reader)by Illo_book
⚠️ Terrible and cringe ⚠️ it not worth reading. You have been warn ❕ (Y/n) is 10 years old. She has a huge family. She has 2 sisters and 6 brothers, and 1 unknown sibl...
Poly BBS Oneshots  by UnluckyHex
Poly BBS Oneshots by GalaxyAuthor
Hello there welcome to my BBS book request what pairings you want but I don't do smuts because yeah also I may not be like SUPER fast to update but I will update as much...
Vanoss And Crew #Wattys2017 by BigJigglyPotato
Vanoss And Crew #Wattys2017by Mrs. Winchester
One shots of your favorite youtubers! The vanoss crew! Requests are always welcome, just private message me! (/T_T)/ (•-•)/ (-_-) - I - I / \ ...
Chatnow!  by I_AM_CHEESE
Chatnow! by one piece brainrot
Introducing the brand new texting/calling app, Chatnow! It's made by losers for losers. Wanna make new friends? Great! This is the app for you. Would you like to make...
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by Anastat1c
Banana Bus Squad X Readerby Mama Smit
You're a junior in high school, your kind of shy and really don't have any friends which makes you become an easy target for a group of bullies. You do know self-defense...