Teaching Mia by MCRomances
Teaching Mia by M.C. Roman Romance
Fed up with her disheartening life in NYC, Mia takes a gamble and embarks on an invigorating journey abroad to business school in Spain. When Mia Fuentes moves to...
Ele e Ela [Os Dois Lados da História] [COMPLETO] by StefaniaRaducanu
Ele e Ela [Os Dois Lados da Histór... by Stefania Raducanu Teen Fiction
ISADORA "Dentre tantas mulheres no mundo, meu pai tinha que escolher ficar justo com a mãe do garoto mais insuportável da face da Terra. Como uma mulher tão legal q...
The Ex-wife of the Billionaire by ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the Billionaire by ScrivereMagia Romance
The Ex-wife of the billionaire- Sounds pretty cool, isn't it? But living life after that is not as cool. Bridget was another girl from the female population of the world...
Sergio Ramos || Instagram || by KatyaHemmo
Sergio Ramos || Instagram || by KatyaHemmo Fanfiction
Sergio Ramos ha iniziato a seguirti.
My Life In Ruins by writeon27
My Life In Ruins by Ansley Adventure
Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, internati...
Instagram ~ griezmann by grie7mann
Instagram ~ griezmann by grie7mann Fanfiction
@antogriezmann has followed you! - - An Instagram fan fiction about Antoine Griezmann :)
Soccer/Football Imagines by SportsStarE
Soccer/Football Imagines by SportsStarE Fanfiction
First Wattpad Story! Originally on my Quotev account, Eloise DeCrion. Original imagines, I didn't steal them from anyone. I don't do dirty imagines. I can do suggestive...
Mi Mejor Error by eneate
Mi Mejor Error by 🌺📖⭐️🌵💦 Teen Fiction
Lena es una chica de 16 años que vive sin límites. Nunca le gustó seguir las normas. Perdió a su padre por culpa del cáncer. Ahora vive con su madre en una casa en Barce...
DADDY ➸ ISCO  by ripasensio
Messi's Sister by dolfinscove
Messi's Sister by Dolfinscove Fanfiction
Adriana Messi. The name seemed so foreign. After living most of her life thinking she was an only child who just happened to have the same birthday as world-famous Lione...
The Intern // Cristiano Ronaldo by smileforlola
The Intern // Cristiano Ronaldo by Lola Fanfiction
Imagine finally getting your dream job. Wouldn't that be nice? Abril has just graduated from med school and is now living in Madrid and her being an absolute genius; sh...
satan | a. griezmann by fcbayernmunich
satan | a. griezmann by mami Fanfiction
❝Ella, go away, I don't want you, I never did.❞ ❝You don't mean it, you're just trying to mess with my head!❞ ❝I'm not lying to you, leave me fucking alone already, didn...
madrid ✦ álvaro morata by sanmaximoff
madrid ✦ álvaro morata by kat✧ Fanfiction
COMPLETED | he could have never resisted the chance to be back in his beloved city where only two years ago, he left behind the girl who had claimed his heart wholly. ©...
✓ | INSTAGRAM ➸ MARCO ASENSIO by ripasensio
✓ | INSTAGRAM ➸ MARCO ASENSIO by نانومتر Fanfiction
"i met her on instagram." [social media x reality] © ripasensio 2017
instagram / paulo dybala by CristyFlores4
instagram / paulo dybala by Aliben Joya Fanfiction
que pasaria que si por cosas de instagram conoces a un idiota y te enamoras...
I N S T A G R A M (Antoine Griezmann) by shadiagriezmann
I N S T A G R A M (Antoine Griezma... by G R I E Z M A N N Fanfiction
Ella es la hermana de koke El es el francés que la vuelve loca
Soccer/Football Imagines (Part 2) by SportsStarE
Soccer/Football Imagines (Part 2) by SportsStarE Fanfiction
Hey guys, this is still SportsStarE. Check out Soccer/Football Imagines for more imagines and the author's note at the end of it for more information. This is still socc...
Footballers  Imagines by JaneBoueri
Footballers Imagines by Jayn Fanfiction
FC Barcelona . Brazil National Team . And others on request. Neymar has an imagine book for himself so request him there ! (check my profile) I do not own any of the...
Instagram//Antoine Griezmann by bartragasms
Instagram//Antoine Griezmann by Greta Fanfiction
yagalbrie; dangriezmann why is your brother flirting with me? antogriezmann; yagalbrie because you're beautiful
Football Groupchat  by SherlockIsNotOnFire
Football Groupchat by JustAnotherDanosaur Fanfiction
"50 Shades Of Shinji" What happens when a duplicate of Gerard Pique gets added to the groupchat?