The Intern // Cristiano Ronaldo

The Intern // Cristiano Ronaldo

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Lola By smileforlola Updated Sep 19, 2016

Imagine finally getting your dream job. Wouldn't that be nice? 

Abril has just graduated from med school and is now living in Madrid and her being an absolute genius; she gets an exclusive internship at Real Madrid. 

Now imagine being friends with everyone at Real Madrid. Cool, huh?

Everything goes great. She makes friends with everyone and excels in her internship. It's only a matter of time until they promote her to real Team Physician. 

Imagine meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, falling in love with him, and then being pregnant with his baby. It would be nice, right? Wrong

All these things happen to Cristiano and Abril and they couldn't be happier behind closed doors. 

Now they have to deal with keeping their relationship and pregnancy a secret, but with a dishonest best friend and a crazy ex it'll be more difficult than what they thought. If the president or someone in staff finds out, she loses her job.

Imagine being The Intern.