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Just a normal 18year old girl who has an obsession. Follow my Twitter: '@_harryskittenxo'
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We have been here for about 8 months? More? I'm not sure, but during those 8 months or watever, we met and made some good friends, we wrote for you guys, we read, we laughed, we talked and we even video chatted some and of course we had the doubters and the haters and the ones who called us fake. aye tbh we did this/wrote books to try and bring laughter or smiles to your faces and we hoped our faces or our looks wouldn't matter, our personality would. But with time we have learned that looks to most people are what matters. Point here to say we could be fakes we could be aliens we could be creeps but did we make you smile? Yes? Great!! We reached our goal and here we will stop. We have out grown wattpad and have lives to worry about now. Thanks to everyone who supported and stayed with us. Trust me We know who you exactly are and we will check up on you guys every once in a while. Thanks to the haters also, we might still be fake to you but honestly it doesn't matter now does it? Don't trust us, you should never trust anyone on the Internet but you can trust our personality. If you loved ours and our books, great awesome thanks! That's what matters to us. We have had our ups and downs with some people on here but hey at the end of the day everyone forgets and forgives. We love everyone here. Just wanna say on be half everyone on this account that if we ever offended you with anything we said or wrote we are truly sorry. Like I said we just wanted to make you guys laugh or at least smile. We will always be the 9 goofy ugly guys, and you will always be our amazing fans. Wish you everything good in life. You are all beautiful people inside and out, never let anyone tell you any different. If you are going through a hard time, I promise you everything will get better. I promise. I'm not saying it will be easy im saying it will be worth. Smile, breath and keep going. Jason|Justin|Jace|Jesse|Dylan|Jack|Travis|Trevor|Seth - Dem9mofos.
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i love shawn mendes and im fucking hilarious thats it bye SNAPCHAT: mendessmuffinx INSTAGRAM: shawnsdoll YOUNOW: mendessmuffinn
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everyone, i may not say it enough but i love you and you are loved. it's not a "no one loves me" because i love you and i really hope i'm not just a "no one" to all of you. you are loved, you are loved by me. you are loved by ones who don't know your name, your face, your story. and that's okay, they love the idea of you and your personality. and sometimes being loved that way is the best way to be loved. you are loved, by me.
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ily all so much FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram Fan account : @sleepingwithluke_ Personal Insta: jjadeporter
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My names Heasell and I'm 16 years old and I'm a Fangirl, sophomore, adorable and loving person you will ever know! I like- Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Riverdale and Marvel Sam Winchester, Stiles Stilinski, Cassian Andor and Bucky Barnes are my reason to smile. Robert Downey Jr is my dad Phoebe Tonkin, Scarlett Johansson, Crystal Reed, and Chloe Bennet are my queens Sebastian Stan is a my reason to live Dylan O'Brien is my husband and the person I love, the person who I always love. (I don't do role play, I'm sorry...)
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"THE DIRTIER, THE BETTER." Hey Nouislickers! Nouis mummy here! Welcome to my account where smut is written and fucks aren't given. I won't write about myself because it ruins the suspense of knowing about me. That probably ruins the purpose of this bio. OH WELL! (But my name is Nicole. SHHHHHH!!!) You're either in this profile because you coincidentally found me, you're bored, you were stalking somebody else's profile and found me or you're one of my obsessive fans that stalk me. Anyway, you're here and I'd like to welcome you properly with a nice little poem... Roses are red. Violets are blue. Nouis is life. PENIS. ENJOY HORNY HORAN, TOMLINSON LICKERS! Kik: nouislicker
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Strength and pride
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Well... I like bands I write bsm fan fiction Kik? Just ask
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I'm fab ur drab. Jimmy Page is my spirit animal. Zeppelin enthusiast. Sexual revolutionist. This accounts Instagram is @onedee1995 My twitter & Instagram is @kvanwie95