Princess | Bellamy Blake [1] by civilwar12
Princess | Bellamy Blake [1]by Black Wolf
BOOK ONE Ava Kane is Bellamy Blake's best friend and the daughter of Marcus Kane and everyone calls her the princess of the Ark. Ava and 99 other prisoners where sent do...
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  • the100
  • bellarke
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Goddess ➳ Bellamy Blake [1] by Sheridamn
Goddess ➳ Bellamy Blake [1]by kat
"I'm sorry, Noel." He tells her, the two were sitting side by side and she looked at him. "I never meant to be a jerk to you when we were young, I never m...
  • romance
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  • montygreen
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Colours of the Moon by KEIGYN
Colours of the Moonby KEIGYN
Around Two thousand years ago Earth was created by the Six planets. The Six planets each dominate one of the Elements out of Metal, Fire, Nature, Water, Ground and Air...
  • projectsuper
  • sciencefiction
  • metal
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Samantha's Time At The Dumping Ground (Rick Barber) |Book 1| by Theblondedaydreamer
Samantha's Time At The Dumping Theblondedaydreamer
Come along in Samantha Thyme's life as a care kid in Elm Tree house, aka the dumping ground. Will she have a good life or will her past catch up with her. Find out in 'S...
  • rick
  • beaker
  • tracy
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Riley's life in care (The Dumping Ground Fanfic) by -anonymous_fangirls-
Riley's life in care (The Currently fangirling
Riley Logan has been in care since she was 7 but the worse part was, she lived at burneywood until somebody decides to burn it down and she is moved to Elm tree house. H...
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His Majesty's Personal Maid by Scattered_Roses
His Majesty's Personal Maidby Elizabeth
Maria Rosario was your average maid who worked in the Royal's Kingdom. With the 'No magic practice' rule in order no one was allowed to practice their magic except the r...
  • training
  • maid
  • ground
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Hold On - R.B || J.J || T.L || The Dumping Ground  by hollandftweasley
Hold On - R.B || J.J || T.L || Allana
Aurora Leigh Hunter never had it easy. Rick Barber never thought he'd fall in love Jody Jackson was in love with Tyler Lewis Tyler Lewis was in love with Jody Jackson
  • jyler
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ECC! The Elemental Control Club by DJ_FTLz88
ECC! The Elemental Control Clubby DJChibiArtist
"Once every a fifty years, nine guardians are chosen, and have sworn to protect the different worlds and dimensions using the elements that have been entrusted upon...
  • water
  • nature
  • shadow
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History ▸ The 100 by WriteYourDreams0821
History ▸ The 100by WriteYourDreams0821
" We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen, You and me got a whole lot of history... " ◦◦◦ Christopher Taylor hasn't seen any colors except b...
  • characters
  • ground
  • clarke
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Why Love Will Win Out. by Luxy_Mae
Why Love Will Win Madi Grace<3
{SEQUEL TO FOREVER AND ALWAYS} {TDG JYLER FAN FICTION} Tyler has left to live with his mum and Jody has a new family.. But is everything as it seems.
  • jackson
  • love
  • tyler
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Elmtree || The Dumping Ground by -BeautifulDreams-
Elmtree || The Dumping Groundby hiatus (sorry)
"Welcome to hell, Melody." *** Melody Thomas has never been kind to strangers. She's never let anyone get too close. So when she is moved into a care home othe...
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  • thedumpingground
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The Wild One by Izzy_Bel
The Wild Oneby Belle
Sky O'Donovan has been in and out of care homes all her life, but she finds her true home at Elm Tree house, otherwise known as the Dumping Ground. This is her story, fo...
  • beaker
  • johnny
  • liam
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Back at the Dumping Ground (Rick Barber) |Book 2| by Theblondedaydreamer
Back at the Dumping Ground (Rick Theblondedaydreamer
Sam's Back! She's been away for 6 months painting a mural in the House of Parliament but she has finished the task and now coming back to the dumping ground. While being...
  • dumping
  • thyme
  • barber
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Gamer Girl Problems by BubblyPenguin
Gamer Girl Problemsby вυввℓу
** REVISED VERSION: WEEKLY UPDATES ** If there's one thing Bridget Jenkins can't stand, it'd be the overly sexist views guys seem to hold nowadays towards female gamers...
  • xbox
  • nintendo
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My Poetry by icrownless
My Poetryby I
Most of these poems have not been specifically edited, they're literally what I write on a whim. I hope you like them and I'd love it if you left feedback :)
  • blade
  • simile
  • gentle
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Oceania vs. Them by SkytheGryffindor
Oceania vs. Themby Sky Smith the Gryffindor
Litia possibly the most mysterious, sassiest, adventurous girl in her school. Friends with Brant, Alona, and let's not overlook her so-called rival, Blaze. ***
  • superhero
  • crazy
  • friends
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What Now? (Book 2) by OctaviaBellamyBlake
What Now? (Book 2)by OctaviaBellamyBlake
Everyone is back on the ground, but what will they do now?
  • madi
  • bellarke
  • clarke
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Begin Again | Ewan McGregor AU by winchestered_
Begin Again | Ewan McGregor AUby ✨ SHAY BARNES ✨
❝How unfair, it's just our luck. Found something real that's out of touch.❞ ...
  • high
  • past
  • wan
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❝ELFENNAU❞by oversubtle
Dwieście pięćdziesiąt pięć lat temu na świat przyszły zmiany. Zmieniliśmy budowę naszego kontynentu, jego podział na kraje i zasady. Właściwie zmieniliśmy wszystko, poza...
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HIGHER GROUND- Season 2 by AbztractIsight
HIGHER GROUND- Season 2by Abztract Isight
update finished.
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