Любовь 21 века by ERevans_rozanna
Любовь 21 века by ENGLISH_ROZE Teen Fiction
(отрывок из 11 главы) И вообще какая нахуй любовь? Вы все месяц максимум повстречаетесь и кинете друг друга!Для вас это все игрушки! Я не понимаю смысл этих отношений...
Alan Walker Saved Me by Walker_135
Alan Walker Saved Me by Eve Fanfiction
Your brother is a security guard in a nightclub in Dublin (Ireland) He gets you a backstage pass to your favourite dj Alan Walker. However what happens when the concer...
DJ by DJ_LowKey
DJ by DJ_LowKey Teen Fiction
Diana Johnson, or DJ, is a music producer at the age of 18; still attending high school and as a senior. She performs at clubs but her dream is to be known in the rave w...
Next to Me by lonelyypotato
Next to Me by (HIATUS) Fanfiction
Sasuke Uchiha is a normal college student. He is popular with the girls, has decent grades, a good amount of friends, a loving family, and loves soccer. One day, he gets...
With You (Skrillex) by superkids
With You (Skrillex) by Coraline Fanfiction
Baylee had plenty of encounters with Sonny Moore before his career blew up. They were falling for each other but he was whisked away by work. Will she fit into his new l...
Imagines ~ Martin Garrix by avacando
Imagines ~ Martin Garrix by ruxi Fanfiction
You and Martin Garrix,in a world full of happines ♡☆♡ Some imagines will be dirty,soo do not tell me that I did not warn you Happy reading my beautiful readers or u...
Error 404 (Martin Garrix fanfiction) by puckvanheeswijk96
Error 404 (Martin Garrix fanfictio... by Martin Garrix➕✖️ Fanfiction
Rosaline is on a holiday in Miami. As soon as she came out her hotel room on the first day she bumped into something that would change her holiday. And eventually her li...
Questioning Your Love? (A Martin Garrix Fanfiction) by linneafloderus
Questioning Your Love? (A Martin G... by linneafloderus Fanfiction
"I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much. And you don't have to mess with me to get me to prove it to you." Cassandra Duff is just a regular 19 y...
Secrets - (Martin Garrix) by narrystylesxx
Secrets - (Martin Garrix) by narrystylesxx Fanfiction
At times, certain things are done for the better. But secrets were created to be discovered. (Sequel to Forbidden Voices)
Martin Garrix ~ Imagines by allybirds
Martin Garrix ~ Imagines by Ally Fanfiction
Imagines about Martin Garrix. Requests open!!
Going → Martin Garrix [HIATUS] by mintyuser
Going → Martin Garrix [HIATUS] by kelly Fanfiction
"But," he paused. "What if I go?" ∆∆∆ Relationships are always in the same cycle; two humans fall in love with each other, they felt like they're on...
Meeting My Idol, Zedd by 1210pinky
Meeting My Idol, Zedd by Jasmin Fanfiction
2 weeks before my birthday, my friends got me the biggest gift I ever got. My idol is Anton Zaslavski aka his stage name Zedd, a record producer and Dj. They got me a co...
Tell Your Friends [Martin Garrix] by somewherehlse
Tell Your Friends [Martin Garrix] by that weird teenager Fanfiction
#2 in #martingarrix (highest rank). Thank you so much <3 Aline is just a nineteen year old girl, but she has already made mistakes in her life. She has nearly given u...
In an instant  by mynameisnotjeff22
In an instant by mynameisnotjeff22 Fanfiction
Who knew one person could change their lives forever.
EDM Imagines  by AAAhockey
EDM Imagines by AAAhockey Fanfiction
A book filled of DJs Imagines
I love you too (Skrillex/Sonny Moore x reader) ON HOLD by SunriseTheAuthor
I love you too (Skrillex/Sonny Moo... by SunriseTheAuthor Fanfiction
it was a sunny sunday afternoon and you were scrolling through your Instagram, when suddenly your friend had sent you a message. "OMG y/n DO YOU WANT TO GO TO A SKR...
Be My Lover by VishMoio
Be My Lover by VishMoio Fanfiction
Wes and Rose are best friends and they can't stay away from each other, but as the time passed their friendship was turning into something else they were afraid of confe...
EDM PREFERENCES by 1-800-Otaku
EDM PREFERENCES by ともみ あおき Fanfiction
After listening to EDM music, and looking at cute dj gifs, I knew I had to make this story. I DONT OWN ANY PICTURES OR GIFS, JUST THE COVER. This includes: -Avicii -Calv...
Martin Garrix imagines by kygofans
Martin Garrix imagines by kygofans Fanfiction
Imagines about one and only Martijn Gerard Garritsen known as Martin Garrix
LYRICS [ON-HOLD] by crazylazyhazydazy
LYRICS [ON-HOLD] by [ healy ] Random
[THIS BOOK WILL BE ON-HOLD DUE TO LOSS OF INTEREST, TIME, AND IDEAS] this book is full of lyrics // feel free to leave a request // © crazylazyhazydazy