dutch braids [g.a] by expectopatro-no
dutch braids [g.a] by faith Fanfiction
"I CAN SURVIVE BY MYSELF, I JUST DON'T WANT TO" - Amber has lived alone for so long, she's forgotten what having a person feels like [slow updates] [season 12...
Black Girl Goals by jesusislife
Black Girl Goals by 👸🏾 Q U E E N 👸🏾 Random
A book in which I show hair goals and hair tutorials and hair tips & tricks for fellow beautiful black girls 👸🏾 Enjoy! :)
Suicide Watch by MissDaggerOfficial
Suicide Watch by MissDagger Humor
Briar Taylor is a 15 year old girl, busting her hump at work, dealing with the loss of her mom and living with her single dad. When one of her coworkers threatens to jum...
Hairstyles by Hopefulhappiness
Hairstyles by Hopefulhappiness Non-Fiction
Step-by-step hair tutorials that will help you style your hair for dances, school, or even on lazy days at home. Along with a written tutorial, a YouTube video can be fo...
Assumptions and Braids Commander Lexa/You by InsanityatBest
Assumptions and Braids Commander L... by InsanityatBest Fanfiction
Lexa finds out you've replaced her braids with your friend's and is angry.
The Girl Who Liked His Eyebrows by hansa12
The Girl Who Liked His Eyebrows by hansa12 Short Story
A short story my friend has sent me
Fili Requested Imagine by SarahOakenshield
Hairstyle tutorials  by Masters18
Hairstyle tutorials by Masters18 Non-Fiction
Cool, Cute, and easy hairstyles! Will also include hairstyles from shows like Vikings, Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, and more!
The Braid Book by 32onedoesnotsimply
The Braid Book by 32onedoesnotsimply Non-Fiction
Have you ever seen hairstyles that people do and take pictures of and you sit there and try to do them yourself but fail miserably? I have....many times. But now, I come...
Caught (an Obi Wan x Reader Fan Fiction) by Sportaloonie
Caught (an Obi Wan x Reader Fan Fi... by Sportaloonie Fanfiction
You and Obi-Wan are sent on your first mission as padawans. Needless to say, it reveals a good many things about yourselves to each other. ------ A mindless piece of fl...