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A.C. Laybourne By alaybourne Updated Feb 10, 2017

Grace is lost in a world full of magic. 

Aether is a kingdom where only the humans with elemental DNA live. There is a magical veil that covers this place so normal humans can't find them. Everyone comes from a long lineage of people with the ability to harness the power of an element. Most come into their element on or around their sixteenth birthday. Why they can control that particular element is like asking someone why their eyes are blue. It's all to do with genetics. 

Grace however is a dud. She's the only person whose element hasn't shown itself and if that wasn't bad enough she has to deal with a cocky, self-righteous, Prince who just won't seem to go away.

When an old enemy threatens to destroy her home and everyone she loves, will Grace finally find her element... or will she die trying.

  • enemies-to-lovers
  • fantasy
  • fate
  • highschool
  • kingdom
  • magic
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • soulmates
  • teen
RogoMima RogoMima Feb 10, 2017
This is really nice :D I love how the characters interact. ^^
RogoMima RogoMima Feb 10, 2017
Ooohhh, is Luke a psychic? Can he tell she's the future soulmate?
RogoMima RogoMima Feb 10, 2017
Oh, this explanation could be useful in the blurb, use it I say. :D
RogoMima RogoMima Feb 10, 2017
I stopped reading at creepy janitor that is drooling over him.. oh God... must stop laughing...
RogoMima RogoMima Feb 10, 2017
You did not just ask that? o.O You never meddle in family secrets....