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The Stripper (URBAN)

The Stripper (URBAN)

1.5M Reads 32.4K Votes 33 Part Story
Hershey Ebony By URBANebony_ Updated Apr 15, 2018

Meet Honey. A stripper who gets it by any means necessary. She has niggas & bitches in love with her but she wants none. When it comes to the love of  money you'd be surprised what one would do.
      Viewer description  is advised.
       WARNING: Explicit,  Containing very strong sexual scenes and strong coarse language. 
      If there is any similarity to any one of thing, it is completely coincidental. This is a Fiction story and so are the characters. 
      You cannot in no way shape or form use or copy anything from any of my stories.
      -- Copyright 2013

  • betrayal
  • hood
  • love
  • secrets
  • urban