Revenge- Love Story of a Spy

Revenge- Love Story of a Spy

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Elegant By BlackRosesDieHard Updated Apr 11, 2017

Ever wondered how meaningless and clueless life could be without the remembrance of Allah Subhan-O-Talla?

Three people born Muslims but wandered in their own lives. 

Inayat a 21 year old girl from a broken family, forces herself to be an alcoholic to forget and fight with her innerself. 

Will she be able to overcome her problems and follow the right path and be an inspiration for her 6 year old younger brother? 

Salman a 27 year old handsome hunk and a criminal detective by profession, born muslim but doesnot follow Islamic practises and delays it to tomorrow. 

Will he be able to follow the right path ? 

Aan a 25 year old orphan who lives with her Aunt (Khala). A Muslim by faith and heart, follows Islamic practices and is a motivation for everybody. 

Will she be the change in Salman and Inayat's life? Will she be able to turn them in good ? 

But what is the Revenge? How can a Muslim think of revenge and not forgiveness? 

Set in the amists of New York, America, follow the story to know more about these three personalities and what twists and turns took place in their lives that made them from Bad to Good and then again Bad.

  • drama
  • hate
  • love
  • mystery
  • revenge
  • spiritual
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Starting was owsum.....and insha Allah story will be the best😍😘
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