The Kids Aren't Al- Kids Aren't Alright

The Kids Aren't Al- Kids Aren't Alright

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- By multicoloured- Updated May 19, 2015

Hi guys..

Welcome to a collection book of poems.


Hey guys.

I've decided to make a book of my poems (as you can tell by the title..) just because..

Well.. I'm having a hard time at home and things so.. I'm making this.

Most of my poems and will probably be sad and depressing...

But I'll try to make happy ones.

Any ideas, feel free to comment.

And maybe I'll make some dedicated poems too.

I really don't know.


I'll be updating this whenever I get too upset or something.

And some of the poems will be all mine.

As in, I made them up.

If you want to use them, go right ahead, but please please give me credit guys.

Other poems will be ones I found, not made, and I'll write who it's by.

So, um...