#14 - Recovery [n.m.]

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"She's proud of herself but she won't tell you why,
It had now been a month since she last even tried,
But the voice don't stop but today she's won,
She put down her razor and put down her gun.

After hours of thinking silently to herself,
She goes and picks up her old friend from the shelf,
Overwhelmed with emotions she picks up her blades,
And disposed her evil and drops the charades.

So the first in sometime her lips crack to a smile,
It won't be easy but in the end it'll all be worthwhile,
Her cuts will turn to scars and those scars will fade,
But this makes her feel stronger she's no longer afraid.

She sits there aware the cloud of darkness has lifted,
She can see a furture for herself she knows that she's gifted,
With a smile on her face as she looks at her arm,
She's defeating the evil we know as self harm."


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