#47 - Hn. This Girl. [modified version of 'Mhm. This boy']

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Her past is tainted,
Filled with scars and pain.

She is all alone,
Where her wounds remain.

Her soul is maked,
Where her memories lay.

She hopes for salvation,
Each and every day.

He is stubborn,
Filled with brightness and light.

He enters her life one day,
But the girl puts up a fight.

She guards her heart,
By pushing him away,

She puts up a cold mask,
Hoping he'll leave and wish to stay away.

But staring into his eyes,
That wonderful blue.

He opens her heart,
Then she says 'I love you'.

He shakes his head,
He knew his heart was dead.

He saw behind her mask of coldness,
Refused to leave even as he got hurt,

The tainted girl watched admirably.
As he said she was the angel who shone bright.

Hoping to take her pain and hurt,
Wanting her nightmares to go away in the night.
Since the day he found her light.
He dares to do everything just for her to have a taste of delight.

She never gave up,
Keep fighting all along.

He made him see that she was never alone,
Because she was both brave and strong. ~

~[Insert this account's name here]
[however, this poem was originially 'Mhm. This boy' by @City-lightsx]

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