#46 - One Cut [n.m.]

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" 'One cut.
That's it.
That's all, '
You told me.
'One cut will make you feel stress-free.'

'One cut.'
I said.
'Thats all it takes.
One cut is such a big mistake.'

'One cut, '
you said,
'Won't hurt. I swear.
One slit on your arm right there.'

I watched you slit your arm,
and then I did to.
I don't know why -
I guess it seemed like the cool thing to do.

'One little cut, '
I told myself.
'I'll be just fine.'

Then I started cutting myself all the time.

I became addicted -
I needed to cut my arm.
'A few more cuts, '
I told myself,
'won't do any harm.'

But then one day, my mom walked in.
'What are you doing?
Why'd you start and when? '
These are questions that she said,
as all the memories rushed through my head.

I got help,
and now I'm better.
So I wrote you this letter.

When I got home,
Iasked where you were.

'She never got help,'
mom said.
'Something terrible happened to her.'

'One cut.
That's it. That's all, '
you said.
And you almost wound up dead.

I know one cut is all it takes.

One cut is such a huge mistake."

~Taylor Davis

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