Life Revamped

Life Revamped

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Life can lead us many places.  It can be cruel, like it can be amazing; most of all, it shapes us into becoming the people we are today.

Suffering the loss of your parents is never easy; something Amelia Reed knew all too well...

Being uprooted to Port Hope at the age of sixteen, a small town where she grew up spending her summers, making friends with the boy next door, Amelia didn’t seem to mind moving in with her grandmother after her parents’ death.  She had looked forward to seeing Christian again.  It had been five years since her last visit; reasons were unknown to her why her parents suddenly stopped visiting Port Hope.  After her final torturous two years of high school, losing the only best friend she thought she had, she moved to the city to make a name for herself.

In her later years, bad news shifts Amelia’s world on its axis, once again.  Forced to temporarily put her life in the city on hold, she moves back to Port Hope to care for her ailing grandmother, the only family figure she has left.

Eventually deciding to make the move permanent, people from her past come back into her life.  Memories and life experiences help to transform her person.  Forgotten passions, abandoned talents, forgiveness and love are all things that confront us in everyday life.  We can either choose to embrace these opportunities that present themselves or we can ignore them.  That, is our ultimate choice.

No one knows why life throws us these curve balls.  We only know that some of us learn how to roll with the proverbial punches, and others fail miserably.

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