The Alpha And Omega Of Magic

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Mona By TigerBee Completed
"You're taking a risk . . . a very fatal risk." Dartel's voice rang in her ears.
    Shawna Tucker is at a new school for the gifted. When she comes across an age old Kyanite stone, she decides to keep it a secret. The unexpected occurs when she is transported to Laiezant—a jewel town studded between exquisite vineyards. As history repeats itself and truths of deep depths are unfolded, Shawna is on a whirlwind where she rediscovers thrill and romance.
Oh gosh this just brings me back to English class on Mondays, for when it's time we learn about Descriptive Writing. :')
I love your book a lot.It's very creative and interesting to read.Keep up the good work!
no error at all. the pacing is good too. the only thing i noticed is the spacing between each paragraph. you might want to minimize them to make it more look, professional. hope that helps
This is just... wow! x) You have some serious talent, my friend :) Even though I'm not too keen on reading these types of stories, I'm already hooked on this one! xD Good job!
I love this beginning!! Short and sweet too. Excellent job keeping the tense as well. That is something I really struggle with in my writing. Your writing style is fantastic btw! :)
This is a really interesting prologue! The descriptions are really great and its really well written too! I'm intrigued to know what will happen next! :D