A Lonely Soul - Horsemen Series

A Lonely Soul - Horsemen Series

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Lyndsay By freeradicalkik Updated Dec 22, 2018

Book Two in the Horsemen Series

There are two main types of loneliness. There's those who are alone in a room full of friends, those who don't want to worry or bother those closest. And those who don't have anyone close by, are alone most of the time... enter Craig and Loren.

Craig has the family and friends, but doesn't want to worry them. Following the war, they all have their own nightmares, own lives to follow.

Loren doesn't, with her friends fading into the background and her mother in a different country she has to sort herself out, there is no one else.

So, when Craig and Loren meet... then what?

Romance, Demons, Magic... that's what.