Chapter Seven

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"Hey!" a voice called out as they pondered over dessert. "Look who it is, the Four Horsemen, two of the Whitwick Witches and Kate!"

Loren saw everyone's eyes fall on her before turning to the man who was beaming down at them.

"I've not seen you guys since the battle." He continued, oblivious to the tension around the table. "Good to see you all made it out alive... you do look familiar though."

Loren looked up surprised and saw the man staring straight at her. "Doubt it, I'm only visiting."

"Loren?" he asked, "Loren Birch?"

"Yes." She said, feeling nervous as Craig put his arm over the back of her chair.

"You're Kelly's best friend, she's my cousin!" he laughed, and relief flooded through her. She could see Kelly's green eyes and the same nose.

"Richard, isn't it?" she smiled and he nodded. "You are her favourite."

"As is only right." He grinned, before seeming to notice the tension for the first time. "Does Kell know you're here?"

"Yeah, spoke to her this morning." She nodded. "I'm going in the morning otherwise I'd have visited her too."

He nodded and stared at Craig for a few seconds before a smile crossed his face. "Right, see you guys around and nice to finally meet you Loren."

"Talk about awkward." Kyle sang dropping his menu back onto the table.

"So, tell us about Kelly." Kates smiled, breaking the tension.

"We met at university, we were in the same student accommodation and then moved in together after." Loren smiled, "She's insane, like I've never known anyone like her. She's the only family I have in the UK."

"Does she look like Richard?"

"Enough." Loren nodded, "Although I'm biased, I think Kelly's gorgeous. Kelly said he went to a prep school, does that mean you guys did too?"

"Yes." Rebecca said after a slight pause from everyone. "We had team names for quizzes and sports. Sapphire and I were on the team the Whitwick Witches, because that's where three of our parents were born. The guys were called the Four Horsemen."

"Penny gave them the name as a dig, they took it as a compliment though." Sapphire smirked, turning and patting Kyles chest. "You were War weren't you?"

"Because I had all the girls fighting over me." He grinned, his Scottish accent coming out as he preened.

"I was the original Death." Harry stated, glaring at Ethan. "I still am."

"Ethan was pestilence because he slept around so much." Kate said, earning a groan from her partner. "And consistently with STD Soph."

"She did not have STDs." Ethan butted in. "And neither did I."

"Why were you famine, then?" Loren asked turning to Craig.

"Because I didn't sleep around." He shrugged, "And I've always been the skinniest."

"Who is death now?" Loren said, glancing at Harry and Ethan. "You said the original death."

"Ethan did is masters in Death rituals." Kate shrugged. "He's weird."

"I'm better educated then all of you." Ethan nodded, pointing at them one by one. "Kyle, did you even get a-levels?"

"One." He declared before turning to Loren. "I'm a teacher."

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