Chapter Twelve

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Loren woke to the sounds of someone working in her kitchen. With a slow smile, she climbed out of bed eager to see Craig again and be held in his arms.

"Who are you?" she asked, freezing in the hallway and seeing an older woman whisking up a batter. "How did you get in my flat?"

"Oh, you're awake!" she sang, waving Loren into the kitchen, "Would you prefer pancakes or French toast?"

"Questions still stands." Loren replied, staring at her.

"Moira Holland." She smiled, waving her on. "You can call me Gran if you like, come on, come on. I think you'll like my pancakes."

Loren watched in awe as the woman who did not look old enough to be a grandma to anyone over the age of ten rummaged in her cupboards. Slowly she stepped closer, wondering what the hell was going on and if Craig knew this woman.

"Oh, you have mini marshmallows!" she gasped, "They're so much nicer now they're made from sugar and not the flowers."

"I need some more information." Loren grunted, shaking her head. "What is going on?"

"Well Dear." Moira sighed, turning and looking over at her. "When Craig came to interrogate me yesterday, I set up a ward around your flat and it went off in the small hours of this morning. So, I came here, scared whatever it was off and stayed for tea and now breakfast."

"You set a ward on my flat?" Loren repeated and Moira nodded. "And it went off?"

Fear trickled into her veins as the older woman nodded. "I think it was just a test run, no need to worry. I scared them off."

"Oh my god." Loren sighed, sitting on the edge of the table. "I'm still dreaming, I must be."

"Trust me, you're wide awake." Moira laughed as a plate of pancakes floated its way towards Loren. "Take it before it goes cold."

Loren numbly did as she was told, nodded as Moira chattered on about everything. "So, you're Craig's Grandma?" Loren asked eventually.

"Oh no, I'm his Great Grandma." She grinned, "I look good for my age, I know. His father was my grandson and his grandfather my son."

"And you're a witch?"

"Oh, no honey. I'm a demon."

Loren's jaw dropped. "They're real too?"

"You've met Kate?" Moira asked and she nodded. "She's half demon, her father Ilya is one of the best."

"Will Kate not age then?"

"Oh no, only full blood demons don't age." She sighed, "Well, no one doesn't age... just considerably slower. Ilya looks like he's forty and he's five hundred."

Loren went to ask how old Moira was, but got the distinct impression that the woman would just chide her and state that asking a woman's age was rude. "Where's Craig, does he know what you did?"

"Oh god no." she laughed, sitting down and starting her own breakfast. "He's such a serious boy, has been since his father was killed."

"Killed?" Loren gasped and Moira winced.

"Not my place, wait for Craig to tell you that story." She whispered and Loren wanted to scream. "Anyway, I'm so glad to finally meet you! Kate's told me about you when they were in their early twenties."

"Kates known about me for that long?" Loren whispered and Moira grinned. "I knew she was powerful, hell I could feel it rolling off of her... but still wow."

"So, Craig's taking you away." Moira interrupted. "Have you packed?"

"Not yet."

"I'll help, then I'll stay here and throw off whatever was trying to sneak in last night while you're away." She smiled, taking her hand and whisking her back into her bedroom. "Oh, such lovely wallpaper! I remember when it was popular the first time around, I had a lover who was a French Count. His chambers were full of the stuff!"

A smile spread over Loren's face as she decided to treat Moira like she would her own grandma and just ask all the questions.

"Did he live in a chateaux?" she grinned, "And wear tights?"

"How did you guess?!" the laughing response came as the wardrobe doors were flung open.


"Grandma." Craig frowned as she opened the door to Loren's flat.

"Hello darling." She smiled, offering him her cheek to kiss. "Come in, we're almost packed."

"We're?" he gulped, earning a laugh from his grandmother.

"I'm helping Loren, god I'm not going with you... if you're anything like me darling, you could not pay me enough." She laughed, as she left him in the living room.

"Why is my grandmother here?" he whispered when Loren came to greet him.

"Well, she put up wards around my flat last night and when someone tried to visit they were set off and she stayed." She shrugged, resting her hands on his arms. "She's crazy, but I like it."

"Why did you set up wards?" he asked, pulling her closer as his eyes met his grandmothers. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I didn't want to worry you while you were sorting your mother and sisters out." She shrugged, walking into the kitchen as food flew around her. "And I like Loren."

"You've only just met her." Craig countered.

"I knew I'd like Loren." She shrugged.

"Why did you interrogate your own Gran?" Loren asked, "And why were you sorting out your mum and your sisters?"

Craig looked down at Loren, his heart beat tripled as she looked up at him with so much trust. "Because a demon claiming to be my brother threatened someone."

"We'll get to brother later, but someone who?"

"He wasn't specific, he said killing me won't stop them from finding her." he sighed, running his hand around her waist. "So, my mother and aunt are going on a world cruise, my sisters are staying with my brother-in-law's pack, Kate and Ethan are on lock down and we are going on holiday."

"And I can defend myself." Moira added, with a shrug. "If I'd have known Ian had another son I'd have found him earlier... I don't know if I'm worried or feeling guilty. Don't worry, you'll always be my favourite darling."

"Good." Craig grunted, he had to admit he liked being her favourite. "Are you staying here?"

"Yes." Moira nodded, "I want to take a piece of whatever was after my favourite granddaughter-in-law."

Loren blushed as she stepped out of Craig's arms, "I'll get my bags."

"Thank you." Craig said, grabbing Moira and hugging her tightly. "I'd not thought of a ward around her flat, I'd thought I'd acted quick enough."

"You have to think like a demon at times, Craig." Moira sighed, cupping his cheek. "Olivia has moved in with Emily and the boys?"

"Yes, schools almost over so she can stay on pack territory." He sighed in relief, "Not that she can't take out a low level demon herself."

"She still fiery?" Moira chuckled.

"Yep." He smiled as Loren appeared in the kitchen. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah, thank you for breakfast Gran." Loren smiled, hugging her. "And for helping me pack."

"Anytime." She smiled, "Enjoy your time away."

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