Chapter Six

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Craig lent against the reception desk as he waited for Loren to meet him. The receptionist had called her room ten minutes ago, and she had still not arrived yet. Nerves were growing in his chest the longer he waited. What the fuck had Harry done?

"Do you want me to call again?" The receptionist asked and he shook his head.

"No thank you." He said, voice clipped and short. "I get the picture."

"Craig!" a voice called as he reached the revolving doors. "Wait!"

He turned to watch Loren run towards him, the long skirt she had on tripping her up until she hitched it up around her knees. His heart melted at the sight, she was so dammed cute. "You ready?"

"Sorry, I lost my shoe." She said, stopping beside him and pulling her bag onto her shoulder. "And I panicked."

"Because you lost your shoe?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Because of this." She said, walked out of the hotel and down the drive. "I'm freaking out right now, everything is changing and fast."

"What did Harry say to you?" he growled and she frowned up at him. "I know Harry, he usually fucks it up."

"He thought you like me. I-"

"I do." He stated, breaking off her next sentence. "I wouldn't have offered to take you for dinner tonight otherwise."


"Why do I like you?" he asked and she nodded, her arms wrapped around her waist. "Because I feel comfortable with you, I think your smart and it helps that you're beautiful... I don't know if you are funny, or if you annoy me yet. But I want to find out."

"You do?"

"Why are you so shocked?" he smirked, reaching out and touching her arm. "Am I that terrible?"

"You're gorgeous." She stated, her face giving away the shock at her own words. "You're perfect, why would you bother with me?"

"I'm far from perfect." He shrugged. "I don't sleep, haven't had a full night's sleep in four years."


"Nightmares. I've seen some awful things." He stated, looking down at her hazel eyes and feeling the urge to tell her everything. "I saw Kates die, I was convinced I was going to die as well and she's only my cousin."

"Let's go for dinner." Loren whispered, holding her hand up to him. "I'm looking forwards to this place, sounds lovely."

"I've not told you anything about it." Craig smirked, taking her hand and tucking it in his arm.

"Tell me then." She smiled, letting Craig lead her down the drive and towards the centre.

"Table for Holland." Craig said to the waiter as they stepped into the restaurant.

Candlelight lit the main body of the restaurant, along with the vaulted ceilings it felt gothic and spooky, yet romantic. Loren smiled up at Craig when he glanced down to gauge her reaction. "Well?"

"Amazing." She whispered, "I've never been anywhere like this."

"This way please, the rest of the party are already here." The waiter smiled, grabbing two menu's.

"No, it was a table for two." Craig interrupted, "There must be another Holland reservation."

"We had a call earlier this afternoon increasing it to eight." The waiter said, his face going pale as he looked around for a manager.

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