Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

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Neffy By Neffy1996 Updated Aug 12, 2014

I'm royally screwed and I mean that Literally.

One day I was graduating from Yale, and then the next day I was being offered a job in England by the royal family to be their trusted advisor. You see it was strange to me, that they would ask me, a newly graduated american girl to be their royal adviser, but I guess they heard about me. People call me Special but I'm as normal as everyone else except I can make informed decisions, good decisions and the best decision and well, that's exactly why they wanted me.

Why Connor Middleton, the future king of England, wanted me was a different story.  We were from two different continents, he lived in a castle with butlers and maid and I fought my way to the top. It was definitely scandalous.

1miran 1miran May 07
Why do people live false miserable lives for  their public images?
Funny how I’m listening to Love Me Harder at this part 😂
KylieM315 KylieM315 Dec 05, 2016
My eyes rolled so hard I thought they were gon stay like that forever
TheWannaBeArtist TheWannaBeArtist May 02, 2016
I've read too many royal books and I don't know this queen but I don't trust the bitch