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His soft spot

His soft spot

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LuuMMJ By LuuMMJ Completed

Darco Thor is a vicious gang leader running the biggest gang in Valley city. 
Tori Tucker is a poor 20 year old girl working at her aunt's shop in Valley city and studying to become a teacher.
What happens when those two meet and Tori becomes Darco's one and only soft spot?

wolfgirl4548 wolfgirl4548 Sep 19, 2016
Plz plz DONT EVER delete this story I absolutely love re-reading this story
ninjacomplex ninjacomplex Dec 08, 2016
Hey wtf 😂😂 
                              Why don't thieves like these come to rob my house??
ShiningBlueStar ShiningBlueStar Jul 26, 2016
Your repetition of 'poor' is just too much. We know you are poor already the beginning 'very poor family ' is enough but you jeep on repeating it like you want self pity??
Pencil_Sketch Pencil_Sketch Nov 25, 2016
She gonna get shot up
                              Hopefully not...
                              Jk again
daddyluek daddyluek Nov 28, 2016
Imma imagine her as myself because this describes me perfectly haha
MaraJosAlvarezDeAlva MaraJosAlvarezDeAlva Nov 16, 2016
when you are broke as fùck so the robber gives you money instead of taking it XD