The Devil is our Cupid

The Devil is our Cupid

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Lucifer Noah Stone, was the definition of lonely. He sat at the back of the class, all by himself during lunch and to top it, there were ongoing rumours about him being possessed by the Devil.

Rose Preston, was the epitome of kindess and modesty. She always smiled at everyone, even the despised Lucifer. She was in fact curious about him, and wanted to befriend him.

Little did she know, that this friendship would change everything in her life. Little did she know, all the love she had been giving to the world, would be returned to her in the form of Lucifer.

FallenAsh93 FallenAsh93 Jul 23
Human flesh is edible however, it can cause a person to go crazy. The skin is the only part of human flesh that is actually edible without side effects
Catanabed Catanabed Mar 30
I'm not sure, technically it IS edible. In fact, according to many people it tastes like pork or chicken, though some say it tastes more like veal. Unless, of course, you are vegan or vegetarian, in which case it probably wouldn't be edible
Badass_Wolf Badass_Wolf Jan 28
Uhm....Uhhh....I gotta go....Maby you can eat my flesh some other time....Toodles.....RUNNN!!!!! 😰😌🏃💨
Yeah that's funny I mean you snort like a pig 🐷🐖 and you eat like a cow🐄 but you look like an elephant🐘
It's funny how just called him a pig but you're the one eating the food and you're pretty much eating your own kind
Ok we get it you have weird eyes and a love for human meat. Cool, great,  his personality tells me that all he talks about