Joining the Pack (Published, Sample)

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Lindsey Owens By LindseyOwens Completed
Zoey is happy in her home with her friends on the east side of the country. She has just recently turned into a werewolf and has practiced her skills ever since she first became one. 
    But when her mother announces some surprising news, which brings her world crashing down around her, she is forced to move across the country with her dad to join his old pack.
    She meets unexpected family members and is dead set on not joining a new pack of wolves. Where she lived before was no pack territory so she lived happily among rogues, she being one herself. 
    What will she do when everyone is sure she must join the pack and she doesnt want to? Stay away from the pack. Hide, run, and avoid at every opportunity.
    Getting settled and finding a loving new friend may prove a little unexpected for the eighteen year old Zoey but she is willing accepting this friend that is until her secret comes out.
    What will Zoey do when she finds herself attracted to a pack member is he going to be the mate her father always talks about?
    This book is also for sale on amazon, smashwords, and barnes and noble
explan when and were she sifted, and like go back in time to tell it. Love you anutie.
oh and is my laptop acting up or why I can't seem to see only 3 chapters when I saw in my cell this was completed with 30 chapters..? I'm pretty new with wattpad so I feel kinda stupid for not knowing but...please someone shed some light for me please..?
Fantastic! beautifully written and thoroughly addictive :-) thank you for this wonderful creation. x
I got to the end and I was WHAT happens next. I need more please.
hahaha ur nto old lol. whts ur nieces profile thingy so i could fan her :)
cool now i need to get tht program and learn how to work it ha imma fail. its cool how ur a grown up and on wattpad ha srry i think im lik bothering u.