The Ascendance of Darkness (Percy Jackson Twin fanfic)

The Ascendance of Darkness (Percy Jackson Twin fanfic)

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Poke_Master57 By Poke_Master57 Updated Aug 10

It's nearly impossible to live the life of a demigod and not know Percy Jackson. A savior of Olympus, the defeater of titans and giants, who battled primordials and trekked through the deepest pits of the Underworld and lived. Forever unwavering and strong, through whatever the Fates had thrown at him. Everyone thought they had him all figured out. 

No one knew he had a twin brother. 

Not one being, whether a mortal, monster, or divine entity, knows the whole story of Ryker Jackson. 

Not even him. 

The life of Ryker Jackson was but an intricate web of friendship, adventure, and betrayal, all of which very difficult to comprehend. A series of twists and turns that's easy to get lost in, a labyrinth of unfathomable events. 

No one would blame you if you didn't believe it. He wouldn't believe it either had he not lived it. A tale like this must be told from all perspectives. 

From the beginning. 

The very beginning.