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Project Goddess (Percy Jackson x Reader)

Project Goddess (Percy Jackson x Reader)

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-  ̗̀ multifandom By WritingGirl46 Completed

One day on Olympus, the gods agreed to test their powers and see what they could do. Which resulted in them creating a whole new goddess named (Y/n). (Y/n) must train and learn how to survive as an immortal goddess. But when the Fates arrive and tell the gods they have altered time in an negative way when creating (Y/n), they must send her to Camp Half Blood and live a life as a demigod without anything knowing she is a goddess. At Camp Half Blood she meets a certain demigod named Percy Jackson.

ALL CHARACTERS ARE RICKS!!!!!!! Except you........ Of course.........

Purrnova Purrnova Jun 12
i would like to think the room would be more suitable with a royal blue bed with gold rims and gilding, with a couch of white and gold as well as a stunning blue colour for the walls and a glass floor on top of an ocean-like display. would work quite well with the skyline, i would say.
Greek: Μαρίσσα
                              Roman: Marissa
                              (I'm not sure about either of these)
But I don't want to be a goddess!!! *sobs* wait could that mean I could bring back the dead?!?!?!?! *looks at poor George Weasley* *sobs again*
_A_Random_Gal _A_Random_Gal 4 days ago
omygosh r u stalking me, these are my three favorite colors (blue, pink and purple/lavender whatever)
Come at me bittch! Fuking dare you! Put me in pink you die! 
                              I'd rather have Bellatrix toucher me as if I was a muggle born for the rest of my life than let Aphrodite dress me up. 
                              Also I could possibly meet Draco. Then life's complete.
Lost my shiit at the wheat part. My mind yelled 'You should eat more cereal' and 'wheat Cupid baby things!!!"