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~Prince!Dan, Soulmate AU~

Dan only has a year to get married, and his parents have arrange several balls to give him a chance to meet eligible women. The only problem is, during the first night, he meets his soulmate. And his soulmate is a boy.

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OMG I WAS SO SURPRISED TO SEE AN UPDATE I ALMOST DIED I’m so happy I get to reread this still because its one of my favorite things on Wattpad and you know I’m kinda dying
I literally said "oh my god" out loud (very loudly, might i add) when i saw that you had updated this
hmarsland hmarsland Jun 21
Wouldn’t it be amazing if Phil’s servant was Mark? SEPTIPLIER AWAY!!!!
MangoClark MangoClark Jun 16
"Every man needs a woman" oh really well this girl has the cutest Kassie, and that dan there has a philly
hmarsland hmarsland Jun 21
The pizza guy!!!
                              Jk it’s the murderous psychopath ready to kill anyone who gets in the way of Phan a.k.a. Me
Ryee-chan Ryee-chan Mar 30
Oh no memes—
                              You either have a friend, or you are that friend