All That We Have Left ((Chris Motionless Fanfiction)) [Completed]

All That We Have Left ((Chris Motionless Fanfiction)) [Completed]

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Dear Chris,

This is Cassidee, she's four years old and our daughter. Your daughter, Chris. I hate doing this to you, but it has to be done. She's better off living with you. Don't bother looking for me, please take good care of her.

This was the note that Chris had peeled from the little girl's shirt. He read the note several times and looked at the small child, who did resemble some of his features. The eyes, nose and lips. But who could've left this note? Or this child?

Will Chris be able to locate Cassidee's mother? Will he take on the father role regardless of his touring band? Or will he abandon ship?

Find out what happens in All That We Have Left.

A/N: I don't own Chris Motionless or any of the members of MIW. Clearly fanfiction

Thanks and happy reading-- TinaLuvsPurdy


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sadxgirlyy sadxgirlyy Mar 14, 2017
oh shiit i thought it said "who was disembled" that scared the shiit outta me !!
harmonycoma harmonycoma May 21, 2016
Why would u turn on the TV and go in the shower right after wtf
xXMona_BiersackXx xXMona_BiersackXx Mar 10, 2016
Doesn't that cost allot!!! does cost allot in Norway....
RestoringFandom RestoringFandom May 08, 2015
chapter is super short, but it's amazing so far! gonna keep reading this haha