My Beautiful Horror || Cricky

My Beautiful Horror || Cricky

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He is absolutely perfect without makeup, ok? Ok.😍💕

*Chris's POV*

I let out a long, bored sigh. We're on tour and currently driving to our next venue. Me and Angelo are sitting on the couch, Balz is laying in his bunk, Ryan and Ghost are sitting at the table, and Ricky is sprawled out on the floor. I stood up, almost stepping on Ricky, and walked to the fridge. I grabbed a drink and plopped back down on the couch. As I took a sip of it, Ricky spoke.

"Guys," he sighed boredly. "I'm gay." I spit out my Naked juice. "Ew dude! What the fuck?" He whined as he wiped it from his face.

"You should've expected that one dude." Balz laughed.

"Really, I mean you just blurt it out. No warning, just 'hey I'm gay.' Why didn't you like at least tell us you had to talk to us?" Ricky shrugged, looking at Ryan.

"I knew you guys wouldn't care, and you'd probably give me shit if I made some big speech or whatever. It's not really that big of a deal." He had a point there. The guys would probably nev...

Why is Ghost such a sweetheart? ;-;
                              And Ricky, baby, noooo ;-;
Now Richard just cuz your tiny doesnt mean your brain has to be tiny
His eyebrows are more defined then my entire future. But, yes, he is a beautiful angel.
I know right Ricky? I think that everyday when I look at you I mean what
I thought Chris was the one who said the "ew dude" part and I was like Chris get the hell out of here you homophobic XD
Skai_rox1 Skai_rox1 Jul 01, 2015
No arguments there. I swear I got lost in his eyes for a minute there <3