His (A Niklaus Mikaelson Fanfic)

His (A Niklaus Mikaelson Fanfic)

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Once upon a time there was a monster who fell in love with a beautiful fallen angel. 
Alice Castaga found New Orleans in 1782 after she had been turned into a vampire when she attempted to defend herself using her magic as a witch. She fell in love with the beautiful city but it took her many years to learn of the dark secret this magnificent city had. Alice was living in the middle of a war in which vampires and witches were fighting for power. Being part of both communities she was shunned and treated like an outsider. Over 232 years later nothing has changed. 

Alice is waiting to find her purpose and one fateful night she finds it or rather him. Klaus, Alice's maker stumbles his way into her life in the most shocking of manners only to discover that he in fact was responsible for making her what she is: a vampire. However when Alice and Klaus meet for what they believe to be the first time they discover they have a history together that neither one of them can remember. 

They soon find themselves searching for answers while attempting to save the dying witch community. Will Alice and Klaus recover their lost memories? Will the witch community in New Orleans die out or survive? And in the midst of this will love find a place?

*I do not own the characters Elijah, Rebekah, Marcel, Michael and Niklaus or any of the music that is claimed to be written by Alice. Having said that this book is going through MAJOR EDITING so please be respectful of that in the comments*

EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 Aug 09
I have to ask, but why does his name switch between Will and Marcel?
I the vampire diaries you have to drink a vampires blood and then die, the. You wake up and have to drink human blood or you will die
Oh child it's not as exotic as you thing so many people have it in the originals
CeceSantaCruz CeceSantaCruz Oct 27, 2016
I'm the tvd world silver is harmless to werewolves, it is wolf's bane that is harmful
Alyna_Kp Alyna_Kp Nov 21, 2016
All depends on herbs.
                              For Vampires it's vervain 
                              For Werewolves it's wolfsbane 
                              And for Witches it is witch hazel
NatalijaMikaelson NatalijaMikaelson Nov 29, 2016
So is he Will or Marcel? And Klaus is over a thousand years old, not 500+.