Welcome to The Show

Welcome to The Show

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It's that time of the year: the frost covers the roads, the days become shorter, ice forms on lakes...winter is here and so is the The Noah's Ark Circus. The Noah's Ark Circus is a spectacular spectacle by all-from the poorest commoner to even nobles-come one, come all, and enjoy the circus performance completely ran by teens! 

Yuri Ran is a fellow tightrope walker along with Doll, a best friend of hers that she grew up with during the hard times in the East End. They both know each other inside out and share the same scar in their face along with the title as the "Princesses of the Circus". They've (literally) got two sides of the same personality. They're cold and distant while in the circus, but once the circus turns a blind eye on them, they're your average teen girls, giggling, and sharing each others secrets. But, both sides of the girl's regret what they do once the circus tents close and everyone in London is asleep.

Ciel Phantomhive is the "Queen's Watchdog" takes a interest in the circus as a string of serial child kidnappings follow the same route as their tour. As he and the talented and immortal butler Sebastian sneak into the circus, they meet Yuri. Ciel realizes that she holds the key to the answers of this investigation and pursues to obtain them.

But, what drastic measures will Ciel take to get what he wants? Is he willing to gamble with his life along with trust, friendship...and even love?

Ciel Phantomhive x OC

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Peter and Wendy are actually older then they look. I think they're like 25 or something...
warakurna warakurna Dec 28, 2017
Dude you’re an amazing writer! I know they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but this one, especially the description and the first chapter, is amazing! You deserve more followers!