His Butler's Sister ((Black Butler FanFic-Book 1))

His Butler's Sister ((Black Butler FanFic-Book 1))

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In the Victorian Era of London, a demon named Sebastian made a contract with Ciel Phantomhive a young boy who inherited the family fortune after the death of his family. The terms of the contract; Avenge his parents in exchange for his soul.

But there is one person who Sebastian didn't expect to see, the one person no one else prepared for

The arrival of the butler's sister Selcura Michealis 

Follow the Adventures of Selcura as she accompanies her brother through the many challenges until the terms of the contract between  Sebastian and Ciel have come to pass

Warning! these chapters are written while i was watching the anime itself but i am turning the events in my own words sometimes copying off of what is said. DO NOT READ if you have never watched Black Butler to the very end 2nd season as well. It is neither in Ciel's or Sebastian's or any other characters Point of view. The point of view is in the character i had created. It's also in a first person's perspective. I do not own Black butler at all I only claim Selcura's character as mine

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Shiaradesu Shiaradesu Jun 07, 2017
I think Sebastian's ready to eat his sister alive lol. ╮(─▽─)╭
Dawnmate Dawnmate May 11, 2017
Well.. Technically sebastian michaelis aint his real name but this is a fanfic so i dont mind hehehehehhe
Itsyourgirlalpha Itsyourgirlalpha Sep 09, 2017
Yay I'm not the only prideful-cocky-rude-boss ass-bitćh here!!
Mavis_Dragneel13 Mavis_Dragneel13 May 05, 2017
Popcorn? Check!
                              Ice cream? Check!
                              Cantaloupe (don't ask)? Check!
                              Junk food? Check!
                              Looks like I am all ready for the fangirling!!!!
Dawnmate Dawnmate May 11, 2017
Dearie.. Im sorry to burst your bubble
                              But no
                              He's a butler
                              Suck on it and deal with it
Abigailsurfer Abigailsurfer Sep 20, 2017
She is talking to him too pleasantly, she needs to have sass