Sweet afternoons

Sweet afternoons

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Silent_asthenight By BirdOfTheDark Updated 3 days ago

26 year old Lena Young is a curvy lady. She's heavier than the average woman and has been ridiculed all her life because of it.

Moving to Texas gave her a new start and she made a new life there, opening up her own bakery 'Sweet Afternoons'. She was happy, despite her size and lack of love life. But when Greek god Andres Saintono moves into town he finds an obsession for both Lena's bakery and her companionship. 

It's impossible for him to stay away from her however Lena's not convinced. No God wants a peasant like her, but what if she's more beautiful than she thinks she is? And what will she do if Andres won't leave her alone until he's proven that to her?

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Loving this so far but as a professional baker myself who works in a bakery I don't mean to be rude but it is very unrealistic to be open within an hour 😊
Fujoshiswag Fujoshiswag Apr 29
That isn't alot, I'm 5'8 and 170lbs. Is she short, if so then yes she if drastically overweight, if she's tall not at all.
Thor will be my main dish, with a Captain America as an appetizer, can't decide who's going to be for dessert.
sarang_94 sarang_94 Aug 14
You know you want some of that Thor action mm hmm *madea voice*
TLWinter TLWinter Jan 01
You're so obsessed with Fairy Tail that you even spell it like that when referring to fairy 'tales'. Impressive.
Dbaby2015 Dbaby2015 Jan 24
This story is already amazing. Hate how she downs herself though but it happens