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Megan By styleslegend Completed

A story of first true love between an unsuspecting, extroverted girl and an awkward, beautifully magnetic boy.

WARNING: Explicit sexuality.

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Guru_ric Guru_ric 5 days ago
You telling them disgusting, but your idea is only disgusting
SassyLouiis SassyLouiis 5 days ago
colt sounds like a weird canadian guy that would wake up at 5 to workout and eat kale salad for breakfast and have a slight infant kink
harrybub harrybub Oct 20
 #RR for the third time because I miss this book aahhh I’m ready !!!
Guru_ric Guru_ric 5 days ago
Ohhh what a bitch😂😂😂 caught by Mom is fun and thrilling but not embarrasing. She is hell of a girl👏
ke_ke1224 ke_ke1224 3 days ago
It’s so weird reading about harry like this when 98% of the time harry is a bad boy in stories but that’s why I like this one