Rush and Restraint

Rush and Restraint

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Ninya Tippett By ninyatippett Completed

Vivienne Cartwright can have anything she wants in life except for the man she loves.

She chases it only to find herself crashing down after the ultimate high. 

Oliver Yates doesn't seem to be the man she's loved all these years and his secrets are as dangerous as they are heartbreaking. 

Time and distance may heal her but they can't free her.

Securing a future with Vivienne cost Oliver his soul, a price too high for the girl who'd saved it years ago when tragedy nearly ripped it away from him. Without anything else to offer but the mere scraps left of himself, Oliver makes one last bargain to win back the woman who became the everything out of his nothing.

With the stakes higher than they ever were and the rules of the game changing as they go all in, will these two find their way back or will a mysterious hand tear them apart forever?

*Second book in the Cobalt Bay Billionaires series.*


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chandni9527 chandni9527 Jun 27, 2017
Can't believe the book is finally here!! I have been waiting for this since it seems like forever!! Super excited to start.
- - Dec 01, 2017
I just finished V&V, and although I said I needed time to heal before I read more of your books, here I am rushing.
hamdalahope hamdalahope Jun 06, 2017
I'm really excited to start this book!!!!!! I love all your stories especially virture and vice, at the crossing and mischievous Mrs Maxfield
circumlocutious circumlocutious Aug 31, 2017
I am so ready. I have reread both TMMM and Virtue and Vice many times. I hate to say it, but Virtue and Vice is my favorite.
4everni 4everni Jun 14, 2018
just finished virtue and vice and I cannot wait after reading the description
LoveDrunken LoveDrunken Nov 06, 2017
Looking forward reading this..I'm done reading vice and virtue a just a while ago.And it's really good.