Regret | Zen x Reader

Regret | Zen x Reader

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"If you look down at people all the time,
They will get tired of looking up at you all the time and will start looking away."

Perfect, talented, hot, handsome, popular, he was everything a girl would ever want, shining red eyes that will steal any girl's heart in a beat, and silverish white hair that shines under the moonlight, stealing the spotlights.

What was there for him not to think high of himself for?

A/N: PLEASE READ CHAPTER ZERO, it is just as important as the others and you will be sort of lost if you don't read it.


Mystic Messenger © Cheritz
You © Yourself / Zen
Plot / Regret © Shiroku Akira (Mais M. Mizuki)

I like how every1 went lovey dovey (•ᴗ•)❤ to da demons from hell 
Okay at first I thought it was gonna be a car. Its not cliché now.
                              ugh I'll go date juju and rub his cat all over your 'perfection'
I actually like this, usually it's the classic get hit by a car, but this? Ok
*looks at picture*
                              "That's nice."
                              *reads a/n*
                              *begins reading*
                              HOLY MOTHER OF A BARITONE. NO CHILL
                              I was like
                              "oh she ran into busy traffic ok."
                              ;-; well waSN'T THAT A SHORT-LIVED QUERIE?