Shipwreck Island   *editing*

Shipwreck Island *editing*

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Sarah By angelkitty15 Updated Feb 17, 2014

After surviving a deadly storm, Daniel wakes up to find himself on a golden beach, a place he does not know.
Is he alone? will he survive.

angelkitty15 angelkitty15 Dec 20, 2012
@RoderickYoung Haha why thanks and no my friend, jessabellx did it for me it's good, I like to add tension as it makes the readers read more, I think lol
RoderickYoung RoderickYoung Dec 11, 2012
How dramatic!  I like the way you describe the tension as being like a taut rubber band ready to snap.  Nice cover, too - did you do it yourself?
angelkitty15 angelkitty15 Jul 20, 2012
lol thanks C= if you get a chance ive worked more on my second story this one gets updated every blue moon now lol - @sarah801
angelkitty15 angelkitty15 Jan 09, 2011
@ImGoingHome thanks for reading!!! It's good you say that, need to kw what I'm doing wrong to make it betta:) I dnt mind criticizing comments helpful :) thanks for commenting too!!! :)
angelkitty15 angelkitty15 Jan 06, 2011
Hey guys thanks for the votes and it's great if you leave comments to let me kw if I need to make it betta
angelkitty15 angelkitty15 Dec 08, 2010
That's awesome :) thanks. Yeh I try to get the spelling and grammar right. I'm not that great with English haha.