Pull Me Closer

Pull Me Closer

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Riya By riyaali Updated Jan 09


His fingers slide against my tense arm. "I really want to kiss you," he says, avoiding my eyes. 
"Then kiss me..." I whisper. 
After being cheated on, Megan finds it hard to trust boys anymore. But when she meets Geo, things feel different. He doesn't feel like all the other boys, something about him draws Megan in. Despite being hurt before, Megan finds herself slowly falling in love, something she promised herself she would never do. And Geo, well, he loves her, doesn't he?

(contains mature subjects regarding self harm and sexual content etc. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Swiftie_Next_Door Swiftie_Next_Door Nov 13, 2016
So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your rover that I know you can't afford bite that tattoo on your shoulder pull the sheets right off the corner of that mattress that you stole from your roommate back in Boulder we ain't ever getting older
GabbyG1501 GabbyG1501 Nov 20, 2016
Awww my poor baby come here *open arms and Megan runs in crying* there there child it'll be okay now if you excuse me I have to go and burn someone house on fire, Carlos you coming
It was kinda short but great job because now I am excited and expecting something unique in the story and 1st chapter already caught my attention.. :)
DG_and_Reid DG_and_Reid Nov 03, 2016
Not bad, great start. Honestly I was turned off with Kylie Jenner... But I'm not gonna let that get to me and I'm not judging your choice of choosing Kylie as the model or inspiration of your main girl. 
                              I like this story. The writing is good.
ShadowZS ShadowZS 18 hours ago
Nice job. It was short but well written so I'm looking forward to updates :)
lamekeisha lamekeisha Jan 10
it doesn't really matter of who's the character, i just wanna read a great book. 😹