Old Bones

Old Bones

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In the 1970s, Troy joined the wave of hippies and draft dodgers going back to the land to enjoy the "simple life." When his attempts at homesteading fail as miserably as his attempts at love, Troy devotes his time instead to building life-size dinosaur replicas from the broken farm machinery that litters the Ontario countryside. The simple life indeed, until a young woman claiming to be his daughter knocks on his cabin door, and Troy is finally forced to admit that, far from simplifying his life, he had complicated it more than he ever realized.

"Old Bones" won the Canadian Authors Association prize for best short story and was first published in the journal "Existere."

Praise for The Wolves of St. Peter's:
“This is the third novel by the Canadian team of Buonaguro and Kirk, and it’s the best so far. The setting is Rome, 1508, and Michelangelo is hard at work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The master’s houseboy and dogsbody is Francesco Angeli and it’s Angeli who spots a body floating in the Tiber. It wasn’t such an unusual sight in those days, but when the corpse is dragged in, Angeli is astonished to find that he knows the dead woman. The writers are adept at plotting and they make great use of the grand artists who were in Rome at the time, along with the streets, smells and the brothels they attended. There are also floods on the rise to add to the suspense as Angeli hunts for a killer and attends to genius.” --Globe & Mail

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