The Boss' Satisfaction (ManxMan)

The Boss' Satisfaction (ManxMan)

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David Graham By Sir_Graham Updated Dec 24, 2014

Benjamin Stern, a bright overachieving student, having always been bullied throughout all of his schooling for being gay, struggles with meeting new people. Yet now being in his junior year of college, he still seems to struggle when it come to any social situation.
        Out of the advice from his accepting mother, and his college advisor, Ben applies for a paying internship as an assistant to Rachael Dow, the Executive Human Resource Manager of the most successful construction corporation throughout the West Coast. Now an executive assistant, it Ben's job to be the communications link between Rachael and the ever impressive James Marshall.

	James Marshall, president and founder of Dean Construction, is a very private man and tries extremely hard to stay out of the public's eye. However, this also means that his personal life is  equally isolated and secluded from all but his two closets friends, Rachael and Max, whom he has known for years.
	But when at an executive meeting, James runs into Rachael's new assistant, his heart and cock instantly desire the young, fragile looking young man. Rachael seeing the immediate attraction between the two, now makes it her goal to give her long time gay best friend a single chance at happiness by ensuring that both of the two constantly cross paths both in the office and out of it.

	However, will Ben finally gain some courage and go for the thing he wants most despite the barbarous antics he went through as a child? And will James come out from behind his fear of someone destroying his privacy and eventually find the happiness a friend is trying to help him obtain?

2015 © David A Graham

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... nah I seen too much anime to leave and even if I'm still like over 17. This is nothing compared to anime levels of ...
_InvisibleWriter_ _InvisibleWriter_ Dec 29, 2015
Under 17, but I'm still reading everything. Children are perverts nowadays! Get used to it xD #SAVAGE
AwkwardTurtle8 AwkwardTurtle8 Jul 29, 2015
Younger than 17 but I'm still going to real ALL of this.... Rebel.
HysteriaFlower HysteriaFlower Apr 14, 2015
Be fore I even start reading, I'd like to claim this 'XD' face as mine c: okay~?
Sir_Graham Sir_Graham Sep 22, 2013
Thanks to the both of you guys (@mote96 & @MitchAlvarez). I'm looking forward to writing it (both the story and the steamy parts too)! Hope you guys also get the chance to read "His Possessive Mate!" Again, thanks for the interest!
mote96 mote96 Sep 22, 2013
This looks interesting and good! Looking forward to reading it :)