I Would Give Him The Moon - Book #2 (MxM 18+)

I Would Give Him The Moon - Book #2 (MxM 18+)

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Black Moon Series Book #2
Warning: #Mature #Gay #Office

This story is a prequel to I was shooting for the Moon, I Hit Two Stars. I strongly recommend you to go read it before you start this one, but if the "ménage" story doesn't appeal to you, then start with this one. It's up to you!

Joshua Pierce, CEO and heir of Pierce Constructions, is a successful business man. He turned what was a very profitable company into an empire that builds luxurious mansions and buildings throughout the USA and is about to expand his activity with a new division dedicated to small luxurious hotels. His favorite pastime? SEX. Sex with a capital S. Joshua is a gay Dominant and spends all his free time with his current Submissive between his playroom and the Black Diamond, a private club that indulges in BDSM and owned by one of his best friends. All this is a game for Joshua. He uses the Subs, enjoys their company for a few weeks or months and once he gets tired, he chooses another one. But at the age of nearly 28, he should start thinking about settling down. What would it take for him to do so? Is he ready to give up on his lifestyle? Certainly not...

Liam Reed, aged 20, recently obtained an Associate's degree in Business Administration and he is about to start an internship as an executive assistant in a building company. He shares an apartment with his one and only friend Shannon who is the total opposite to him. Shannon is loud, outgoing and an extrovert. Liam is quiet, shy and introvert. Shannon was a lazy dunce and lives from small jobs. Liam was the nerdy guy, focused on his studies and willing to work hard. Shannon has a very active sex life and he is bisexual. Liam is a virgin, refuses any thoughts of being gay, though he just believes himself asexual. What happens when he gets to meet the Big Boss in rather disastrous circumstances? What is this weird electricity that runs through his body when he briefly locks eyes with the tall man?
Cover made by @_rainbow_unicorns

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Oh man I deleted my last account
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robie112 robie112 Apr 10
Re-reading this and other stories while waiting for updates on Twisted Moon 😁😁😁
All your stories give me and everyone else hard time... what's your point? 😉
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oh my gosh I remember this part! :'0 ahh memories sweet memories
lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Nov 02, 2016
I was gonna read this when it was completed, but I can't help it. I started the first book cause I was angry and needed a distraction, and I'm starting this one now because I AM SO ANGRY BECAUSE THE THIRD BOOK OF MR SPICE MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING