I'm a Servant to a Vampire (On hold forever)

I'm a Servant to a Vampire (On hold forever)

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Lisa By StoryWriter1139 Updated Jan 11, 2011

A 15 year old girl called Katrina meets a vampire called Luke one night. She meets this vampire at twelve midnight, after she ran away from the foster home she had to live in cause her mum and dad died in a car crash. She instantly falls in love with him, but does he feel the same way ?

Luke takes Katrina to many places in order to get to the Vampire World, but along the way they keep banging into Luke's evil brother called Brandon, see how this story unfolds !!!

Hope ya like it !!!

Jj_4_life Jj_4_life Feb 08, 2012
OMG best story i read so far few grammer promblems but best one so gr8
MiCieloChiquita MiCieloChiquita Dec 28, 2011
Hi! This story really excite me :) My name is Katrina :) HAHA
AlishaMar AlishaMar Jan 27, 2011
Wow! Lol the beggings rlly quick and snappy! It works really well! :)
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Jan 13, 2011
@EllizabethStainglass ok i'll try but the reason why im a little straight forward is coz since i was like 8 I have wrote stories and never added much detail lol.
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Jan 05, 2011
@PrincessTJ  yes a copied the name soz lol.
                              Hope u dont mind !!!
XXteejayXX XXteejayXX Jan 04, 2011
it was me who had your first vote Lisa this is amazeing bit tell the truth did u copy the name Luke from my story