The Perfect System

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Ben Carey By BenCarey Completed
A young boy begins to question the values and beliefs of the society he lives in with devastating consequences. [Written in 2008][#1 in Science Fiction - 07/01/12].
@Spencer_Reid_Lover im afraid sims would get a mind of their own in The Sims 4.
I wish my sim would not do this. LOL i often get errors when saving the game. you play sims do you? what expansion packs do you have? :) you are a very interesting person.
The story is very beautiful, but it's too short. I think you should develop it. I am looking forward to read it again. :)
The Community... Like in the novel, The Giver? I sensed some allusion there,
I think it's nice when stories have a point. I can think of very few that do. This one doesn't have one either.
@Thefallenkittykat really? I just look how long the story is