All In (BWWM) *Mature Content*

All In (BWWM) *Mature Content*

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Zaliki Drummond a 22 year old, young driven mixed black girl who doesn't allow her circumstances to determine who she is. She's working two jobs to help put herself through college. 

Growing up in a home with six other siblings was never easy. Made worse by the fact that she was the adopted child. 
Her mother died from a drug overdose when she was just 3 years old. Her father well no one knew who he was. 

Her mother's sister and husband took her in but with already six of their own kids to look after she had to step up and grow up fast. 

Alexander Cartwright, a billionaire at 29. His being groomed by his father to lead their multi billionaire corporation but there's just one problem. Alex is a playboy. He works hard but he parties even harder. 

Find out what happens when his parents give him an ultimatum that sends him straight in the direction of Zaliki.

Tbh ive never seen a black homless person except once ive only really seem white people...
tiareka98 tiareka98 Nov 11
Thus is from monster in law I love that you put it in your book 😍😍
Why are the rich people's kids always wild for no damn reason
True I'm in college and it's like they think that I'm on welfare and have children.
tasheechiws tasheechiws Sep 30
Hahahahaha shame guuurl. Idk how that happens but hella good luck to you
krys93 krys93 Oct 01
Idk how his company thrives when he clearly don't have enough education