Let Me Cater To You (Completed- Currently Editing)✅

Let Me Cater To You (Completed- Currently Editing)✅

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Meet Melanie Guillory, the assistant to Marc Hernandez, a rich investment banker in New Orleans. He asks Melanie to be his date for the hospital ball but what's unknown to Melanie is that Marc has other things up his sleeve. Read about what Marc has planned and find out if Melanie will take the bait. This was a Valentine's Day short story but Due to Popular Demand, this story has been extended. Hope you enjoy this little tale.

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Page36 Page36 Feb 05
My ass would have came back with a whole damn Jet, with that damn black card!
Scuse me?! He tryna knuck up in here clearly... he getting real bold and buck! Lol
Caolivia44 Caolivia44 Feb 10
Wash day is one if the most important days of the week for black girls! I Don't play games when it comes to wash day, I'm out of commission for the entire day because it's a process.
*Skrrrrr* what's the policy on Sexual Harassment in the work place... clearly non existent lol
BabiGoats BabiGoats Jan 29
It takes days process to get my hair washed shampooed and conditioned
Zaqveen Zaqveen 5 days ago
Hello fellow readers! I'm writing my first story, please check it out. Comment, vote & share, it would mean a lot!😊