Snapchat {CH}✔️

Snapchat {CH}✔️

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How do you feel about 5sos?

I don't listen to them?

So do you ship Malum?

Cover made by @TheGoners

Ideas and plot help by @TheGoners


First part published- 29.Aug.2016

Completed- 09.Jan.2017

My name is Abigail but I go by abby and I'm pretty sure the fandom hates me for my name...oops
I honestly didn't know that 5sos and 5 seconds of summer was the same thing haha
Muke, Ashton&his drums, and Kalum (The ship name of Cal and I; ) ))
When I first started to know about 5sos I was like "5 seconds of summer? I'm pretty sure there's way more than 5 seconds"