The Vampire and The Veela (DracoxHarry/BoyxBoy) COMPLETED/ON HOLD

The Vampire and The Veela (DracoxHarry/BoyxBoy) COMPLETED/ON HOLD

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Kassandra Dawn By Game-Geek Updated Dec 18, 2016

Harry just found out he's a vampire and he will find his mate as soon as he turns 18. But what if his mate finds him first...

Draco has known he was a Veela for awhile on his 18th birthday he comes into his inheritance. Veela are said to sprout wings whenever they are feeling a strong emotion.. or when they find their mate. 

What happens when Draco finds his mate and is surprised when its the one person he's been obsessing over for the past 8 years. The person that refused his hand on the very first day at Hogwarts. It's Harry? 
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything in that franchise. It all belongs to J.K. Rowling, if I did Dobby, Snape, Prof. Dumbledore,and Fred would not be dead. 
The only thing I own is the idea of vampire and veela and no I didn't invent those. I'm just using them for my own creativity. 
Some things might be misspelled this is my first story and I'm not the best at typing on a computer so I apologize in advance.

This is boyxboy and may or may not contain smut I haven't decided. If it does I will indicate in the chapter and I will also tell you when it's starts so you can just skip over it if you wish. 

If you don't like boyxboy or drarry then don't read. Also I always welcome critique but I do not tolerate bullying or anything of the sort in the comments section. If I find any of that then I will report you and block you.

 ⚠️If anyone would like to continue this story go to @butterflygirl3 she will be continuing it!⚠️

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Nooooo not pictures. I’m sorry I just hate it when authors add a lot of pictures in the story
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Oo im getting that tattoo whn im old enough and can afford it lmao
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For some reason the words 'my back. At first' all mushed together in my brain making me read it first as: immense burning pain in my arse.
Locumni Locumni Jan 01
Technically you can't be blamed if you were the one to do it...  Or I am a idiot.